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Biona - Organic Spelt Asia Noodles, 250g

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Looking for your new favourite noodle? Biona’s Organic Spelt Asia Noodles are a nutritious, tastier alternative to regular noodles. Read on to find out more.

Key Information

  • High in protein and fibre
  • Extremely low cholesterol
  • Sustainably made
  • Organic
  • Sustainably sourced

Product Overview

Biona’s Organic Spelt Asia Noodles are a divine, nutritious alternative to wheat or rice noodles. Higher in protein and fibre, these noodles will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

They have such a great texture, boasting a satisfying chew with every bite. Biona’s Organic Spelt Asia Noodles have a nutty, slightly sweeter flavour than wheat noodles. They would work incredibly well in a peanut-based, satay-style stir fry. Why not also try them in a Thai noodle soup dish?

The flavour profiles of the spelt noodles work great with herbs like mint, coriander, and Thai basil. These Asian noodles add so many possibilities to the vegan versions of so many classic Asian dishes.


Spelt Wheat Flour
Allergens: Wheat

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Spelt noodles?

Spelt noodles are made from the grain Spelt. Spelt flour is made by grinding spelt grains up into an extremely fine powder. The powder is then formed into noodles.

The spelt grain creates a different texture, flavour and aroma for the noodle.

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Biona - Organic Spelt Asia Noodles, 250g
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