Essential - Vitam-R Yeast Extract, 250g

Essential - Vitam-R Yeast Extract, 250g - front
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Essential - Vitam-R Yeast Extract, 250g

Brand - Essential
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Quick Description

Essential Vitam-R Yeast Extract is a savoury yeast extract perfect for snacking or cooking. Great on toast and adds an umami flavour to sauces and vegetarian dishes.

Key Information

  • Low in sodium/salt
  • Rich in B-vitamins
  • Has a natural umami taste
  • Gluten-free
  • No “burnt” aftertaste

Product Overview

So what is yeast extract?

Yeast extract, or yeast juice, is what’s left behind of yeast after it has been separated from its indigestible cell walls. It has an umami taste and works great as flavouring or seasoning to savoury dishes and snacks. 

Unlike other brands that use high temperatures to extract yeast juice, Essential uses low temperature and little sodium during processing, resulting in a less salty, smoother flavour, with no burnt aftertaste.

Essential Vitam-R Yeast Extract is made with yeast found on plant roots, not grain, so it yields a delicious gluten-free yeast extract people with gluten intolerance can enjoy.

For a delectable snack, spread Essential Vitam-R Yeast Extract onto your favourite bread or cracker, or mix with onion soup, vegetarian sour cream and cornstarch for a delicious vegan french onion chip dip.

Tired of bland dishes? Use it in place of MSG, soy sauce, or salt, or add a bit to your vegetarian dish to impart a meaty flavour. Have your guests wondering what makes your meatballs so flavorful they’d doubt if they are vegan at all. 

Made in Germany.


Yeast extract, sea salt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is yeast vegan?

Well, yes! Yeast is simply a single-celled fungus. Think of it as a distant relative of your favourite mushroom. That’s vegan right? So is yeast.

People get confused because yeast seems to move in sugar solution while it “blooms” and gets ready for baking. But what you see during this phase is actually the carbon dioxide being released into the liquid as the yeast consumes the sugar.