Eaten Alive - Classic Kimchi (Mild & Spicy), 375g


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Eaten Alive - Classic Mild Kimchi, 375g - front
Eaten Alive - Classic Spicy Kimchi, 375g - front

Eaten Alive - Classic Kimchi (Mild & Spicy), 375g

Brand - Eaten Alive
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Quick Description

Eaten Alive Classic Kimchi is kimchi prepared the traditional way, conveniently packed in a jar, with all the good bacteria and classic kimchi taste.

Key Information

  • 2018 Great Taste Awardee
  • Naturally fermented, unpasteurised
  • Uses wheat-free soy sauce
  • Raw, hand-cut
  • Packed with prebiotics, and natural vitamins and nutrients

Product Overview

Eaten Alive’s Classic Kimchi is traditionally-prepared kimchi - raw, hand-cut and unpasteurised - meaning all the beneficial bacteria are still present when they are packed and are brought to you with the authentic Korean Kimchi taste. 

This live food in a jar is birthed from the passion of two restaurant chefs - Eaten Alive’s founders - Pat and Glyn. Their love for fermented food combined with the thoughtful selection of ingredients make this kimchi a delicious addition to any vegetarian’s diet.

Eaten Alive Classic Spicy Kimchi

All that classic Korean kimchi spice and everything nice. Eaten Alive’s all-time best-seller.

2018 Great Taste Awardee, 2 stars.

Eaten Alive Classic Mild Kimchi

Can’t stand the heat? This classic kimchi also comes in a mild variety for anyone who wants the same kimchi goodness but with less kick. 

2018 Great Taste Awardee, 1 star.


The Eaten Alive Classic Kimchi line uses the same ingredients for all varieties but in different quantities.
Chinese leaf, carrot, daikon, spring onion, apple, ginger, chillies, salt, chilli powder, garlic, tamari soy sauce.

Serving Suggestions

Kimchi can be eaten raw, straight from the jar, as a side dish or as a healthy snack. It pairs well with anything but is most awesome with fish and cured meat. 

Level up the experience by pairing it with Korean dishes. Serve on top of bibimbap, or with grilled fish, noodles, and fried rice. Explore a fusion of flavours by combining with traditional wraps, salads or sandwiches or use in place of coleslaw for a spicy hamburger.

It is said that Koreans eat kimchi with everything, so we encourage you to get creative!

This food has live bacteria and must be refrigerated after opening.

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