Colief - Infant Drops, 15ml

Colief - Infant Drops, 15ml

Brand - Colief
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Quick Description

Support your little one in digesting lactose with Colief Infant Drops. Clinically proven, safe to use from birth, and natural - it’s nature’s way, but faster!

Key Information

  • Lactase Enzyme Infant Drops
  • Add to breast milk or infant formula to ease lactose digestion
  • Sugar-free
  • Safe to use from birth
  • Natural product

Product Overview

For the first few months of life, some babies can struggle to fully digest the lactose in milk, especially little ones suffering from colic. Unfortunately, this can lead to digestive discomforts, such as bloating, wind, and griping pain. That’s where Colief Infant Drops come in. 

Colief’s Infant Drops are natural, safe to use from birth, and can be used to treat this temporary lactose intolerance. Colief infant drops should be added to milk (breast milk or infant formula) before feeding. This will make the milk more easily digestible for your little one. 

Safe, natural, and sugar-free - this is a product you can use with peace of mind.


Glycerol, Aqueous Lactase Enzyme.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Lactase enzyme in Coleif’s Infant drops safe for vegans? 

The active ingredient in Colief’s Infant Drops is lactase. A safe, naturally occurring substance produced in the small intestine that breaks down the sugar found in milk. 

Often lactase is confused with lactose - which is not vegan. However, Lactase can be suitable for vegans and this one is! Lucky for us, Colief uses a lactase enzyme derived from yeast, meaning this product is vegan-friendly for you and your little one. 

What’s more? The glycerol included in the formula is derived from vegetable sources, meaning you can use it with complete peace of mind!