You heard it right, sugars and syrups are considered condiments! Sure you might not immediately think of the two as one, but it’s fun to know that they are.

Also, did you know that sugar and syrups are the second most used condiment in the whole world? The top spot belongs to sugar’s polar opposite - salt! Vegan Sugar and syrup come close second because they can be found in many foods and drinks like coffee, chocolate, jam, jellies, cereals, and so many more!

You’re probably aware that there are different kinds of vegan syrups like agave syrup, maple syrup, and even fruit syrups. Vegan sugar has variety, too - more than you think! Sure, we have the basic refined sugar or white sugar, but there’s also coconut palm sugar, brown sugar, and even confectioners sugar, to name a few.

Should I Use Syrup or Sugar?

That’s all up to you! Dry sugar is usually more shelf-stable compared to vegan syrups. So that may sway your opinion one way or the other.

One thing to consider is what you’re often using sugar or syrup for. If you notice that you just need them for your morning coffee or some occasional beverage, maybe grab some syrup instead? Syrups tend to be more dissolvable than dry sugar.

If you happen to bake on occasion, then having a dry bag of sugar may be better for you. It can serve a dual purpose as a condiment and as an ingredient.

Is it all just sugars and syrups? No! There are also sweeteners. You can get sweeteners like xylitol or stevia instead of sugar and syrup. And yes, you can use these to sub out vegan sugar and vegan syrup if you want to.

So if you want to buy sugar syrup, dry sugar, or even sweetener, we have them here! Simply peruse the list we have here and click on the product you’re interested in to find out more.

Check Out Our Sweet Picks for Sugar & Syrups

The Groovy Food Company’s Organic Agave Nectar (Mild & Rich)

The Groovy Food Company’s Organic Agave Nectar can replace honey, table sugar, and even syrup. You can get it in a mild or rich variant - both will sweeten hot and cold drinks and desserts. You can also use it when baking, replacing any sugar the recipe calls for.

Suma Wholefoods’ Organic Agave Syrup

Opt for a natural sweetener like Suma Wholefoods’ Organic Agave Syrup. It’s a plant-based sweetener that dissolves easily into any recipe and hot or cold drinks. This is a great honey replacement that comes in a 100% recyclable bottle!

St Lawrence Gold’s Pure Organic Canadian Grade A Amber Colour Maple Syrup

This bottle of naturally sweet and organic syrup is perfect for baked treats and even ice cream. St Lawrence Gold’s Pure Organic Canadian Grade A Amber Colour Maple Syrup has been harvested in Quebec. Did you know that maple syrup is also often used as a substitute for vanilla extract?

Natvia’s Natural Sweetener Canister

Ideal for beverages, cooking, and baking, Natvia’s Natural Sweetener comes in a canister to seal in the freshness. It’s a great-tasting sugar substitute without the aftertaste. It’s also a sugar-free sweetener made with 100% natural non-GMO ingredients that won’t raise blood sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is all sugar considered refined sugar?

Of course not! If you didn’t know, refined sugar is processed sugar. People prefer not to use refined sugar because of the chemicals that may be present in making them, such as sulphur dioxide, phosphoric acid, calcium hydroxide, and activated carbon. 

While sugar can come from a natural source, that doesn't mean it hasn’t been processed in some way. You can, however, get sugars that come raw or unrefined.

If you are not quite sure where to start, take a look at one of the best examples of unrefined sugar, Biona’s Organic Coconut Palm Sugar. This is an unfiltered, unprocessed, and unbleached sugar from the Coconut Palm.

What are vegan sugars and vegan syrups?

You may already be familiar with vegan syrups. They are your maple syrups as well as agave syrups. But, you can also get other vegan syrups like rice malt syrup or yacon syrup. If you’re wondering, honey doesn’t count as one. 

Vegan sugars are coconut sugar or brown sugar, for example. You can get your hands on consumer sweeteners like xylitol and stevia, too. Plant-based sweeteners like those can come in powdered form or in a liquified version. 

Are all sugars bad?

Not necessarily. We believe that moderation is really important to living a happy and healthy life. Yes, sugars and syrups (even vegan syrups and vegan sugars) are often considered bad, but that’s if you’re consuming too much of it. 

Can I add sugar to my keto diet?

If you’re on a Keto diet, you can still have sugar - albeit at a more controlled amount. Sticking to gluten-free? You can still have sugar! A healthy portion from time to time is potentially harmless. It’s important to enjoy the little things!

Wait a minute. Aren’t all sugars considered vegan sugars? And vegan syrup as well?

Not all of them are! Quite surprisingly, if we take the most common cane sugar that’s made from sugarcane, they might contain some animal product! Some processes used to make refined sugar (like cane sugar) may contain cow bones, believe it or not. So, not all sugars are vegan sugars.

Since the same processed sugar can be used to make syrup sometimes, it would mean that not all syrup is vegan syrup.

What is the difference between these sugars and naturally-occurring sugars?

These sugars are condiments or ingredients that can be added to make food and beverages taste great. Naturally-occurring sugars are from the food itself.

Here’s a great example, the banana! Notice how bananas are already sweet? That’s because bananas have naturally-occurring sugars. They taste sweet without the addition of vegan sugars and vegan syrups. You can still add both to a fresh banana if you want to, but it’s not necessary.