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Natvia - Natural Sweetener Canister, 300g

Natvia - Natural Sweetener Canister, 300g

Brand - Natvia
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Quick Description

Made with stevia and erythritol, Natvia Natural Sweetener is a healthy sugar substitute with no bitter aftertaste, ideal for beverages, cooking and baking.

Key Information

  • Great-tasting sugar substitute
  • Blend of stevia and erythritol
  • Good for beverages and for cooking
  • Will not raise blood sugar, tooth-friendly
  • Non-GMO and sugar-free

Product Overview

Love your sweets but not the sugar? Then Natvia is for you!

Natvia Natural Sweetener is a sugar substitute made with 100% natural non-GMO ingredients. It contains sweet compounds extracted from the stevia plant, blended with erythritol, a naturally occurring nectar, to create a natural sweetener that tastes similar to sugar.

No more guessing. Natvia has a clean flavour with no bitter aftertaste, and was thoughtfully blended to provide a 1:1 substitute for table sugar so you can confidently use it in juices, smoothies, cooking and baking.

Sweet but guilt-free. This low-calorie and sugar-free sweetener means you don’t have to say goodbye to your sweet tooth. Quite literally, because it’s also tooth-friendly!

And unlike sugar, Natvia will not raise your blood sugar levels. It’s a healthier and smarter choice to enjoy your favourite dessert or morning coffee.


Erythritol, Organic Steviol Glycosides (0.56%)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Natvia Natural Sweetener compare with table sugar when used in cooking?

When used as a sweetener, Natvia can be substituted for sugar in equal amounts. However, it does not caramelise like sugar, so it can not be used as a glaze. It also has a fine texture which can affect the consistency of the batter. This can be adjusted depending on the desired outcome.

Client Reviews

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Natvia - Natural Sweetener Canister, 300g
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