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What are natural stain removers?

Natural stain removers are household products that can remove tough stains from things like laundry and carpets, as well as surfaces and worktops. Eco-friendly stain removers tend to break stains down with things like proteins or enzymes, so they often don’t require you to do anything other than sit and wait for them to work their magic

The type of vegan stain remover that you need depends on the stain that you are trying to remove. Some stain removers won’t be strong enough to lift extremely tough stains, but others will be too strong to be applied to certain things; for example, you don’t want to use an extremely potent stain remover on colored clothing as it may also remove some of the dye from the fabric.

If you’re looking to buy a natural, eco-friendly stain remover then you should look for something that is free from animal-derivatives and comes in recycled packaging. Usually if a stain remover is vegan and environmentally friendly it will be labelled as such, making them easy to identify. Try to avoid any stain removers that contain harsh chemicals, because these can be harmful to you, your pets, and to the environment when they wash down the drain.

How do you use natural stain removers?

Time is of the essence when removing a stain! The quicker you act, the easier and more likely it will be that the stain will come out. Natural stain removers can be used in just the same way as regular household stain removers, it really depends what you are using them for. 

Generally speaking, stain removers will work best if left to work on the stain for an amount of time before they are wiped/ rinsed away. How long you leave the vegan stain remover is determined by how bad the stain is; light stains could be removed after ten minutes but for extremely tough stains you might need to leave the remover on overnight. If you’re treating a stain that’s on your laundry, then it’s important to apply the natural stain remover before you wash or dry it, making sure that the stain is completely gone first.

Some stain removers will require more elbow grease than others, so it’s best to check the instructions on the particular product you are using. Some plant-based stain removers will require you to scrub the stain once it is applied; but unless you are specifically instructed to, don’t rub stain remover into a stain because this can make it worse.

Useful homemade natural stain removers

Lots of household items can be used as vegan stain removers, examples include salt, baking soda, lemon, and vinegar. For example, salt can be used as a natural stain remover for clothes, all you need to do is pour some sea salt on to the stain and leave it to soak for a little while. Once you rub the salt off with a damp cloth the stain should also be gone, then you can put the item in the washing machine as normal. You can also use lemon juice in much the same way, but you need to be more careful with it because it can damage fabrics more if left on too long.

Another great natural vegan stain remover is distilled white vinegar because it contains acetic acid, which is both powerful enough to remove stains, but not so strong that it will ruin the item you are removing the stain from. You can also add vinegar to your laundry detergent to gently lift tough dirt from clothes without causing them any damage. The best thing about homemade stain removers is that they’re quick and easy to use, but if you’re not sure then it’s better to buy an eco-friendly stain remover for your specific needs, rather than risking making the stain worse. 

Top vegan stain remover brands to try

Ecozone - Pure Oxygen Tablets: It doesn’t get much more natural than oxygen, and that’s exactly what these tablets use! These natural stain removing tablets use oxygen to lift dirt out of your clothes to bring them back to their vibrant former selves. 

Ecozone - Laundry Stain Remover: Say goodbye to worries about staining your favourite clothes! Coffee, wine, tea? No problem! Ecozone has made our lives extremely easy with this plant-based stain remover. All you need to do is apply it to the strain, leave it for 10 minutes, and then pop the item in the washing machine. 

Sodasan - Ecological Stain Removal Gel: We love this organic stain remover! It’s made from a vegetable base and it’s biodegradable so it’s the perfect eco-friendly choice. It’s also a powerful stain remover that’s tough on stains like caused by food and drink, mud, grass, basically you name it, this stain remover tackles it! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vegan stain removers effective?

Yes! Vegan stain removers can be extremely effective especially on super tough stains. It’s really important to make sure that you use the right stain remover for the right kind of stain, because using a stain remover on the wrong material could end up making the stain worse or ruining the thing that’s stained. 

Are stain removers toxic?

It depends! There are so many different types of stain removers, some of which are toxic and some that are absolutely safe. In general, natural stain removers are less likely to be toxic because they don’t contain any harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach. It’s usually still a good idea to protect your hands while using stain removers, even if they are completely natural and non-toxic, because they still might contain ingredients that could irritate your skin.

Are stain removers harmful?

Some of the chemicals in odour removers can be harmful because they may cause breathing problems for some people. This is because there are chemical compounds called volatile organic compounds in some odour removers that may lead to problems like asthma. The best way to avoid potential breathing problems related to odour removers is to choose products with only natural ingredients and fragrances, simply go for a natural stain remover! If there are lots of ingredients listed that you are not sure what they are, then it’s probably a good idea to avoid the product.

How do you use natural stain removers?

How you use your natural stain remover depends on the stain remover you are using and what it is intended for. Generally speaking, stain removers work best when left for a while after being applied to the stain, because this allows them to work on breaking down the molecules of the stain. After the allotted time, the stain remover can then be either rinsed or wiped away. If you are removing stains from laundry it’s best to apply the stain remover before the garment is washed because washing a stained item will likely solidify the stain into the item more.

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