Sodasan - Oxygen Bleach, 500g

Sodasan - Oxygen Bleach, 500g
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Sodasan - Oxygen Bleach, 500g

Brand - Sodasan
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Quick Description

Sodasan’s Oxygen Bleach is an eco-friendly stain remover that keeps your whites white! The bleaching agent is unscented and free from enzymes and preservatives.

Key Information

  • Effective at removing stains
  • Unscented bleaching agent
  • Recyclable and refillable packaging
  • Free from enzymes, synthetic dyes and preservatives
  • Carbon-Neutral, Dermatologically Tested and No Animal Testing

Product Overview

Sodasan’s Oxygen Bleach is an excellent and effective stain remover. This magical detergent is dermatologically tested and free from enzymes, chlorine releasing agents, and preservatives.

The bleaching agent in Sodasan’s Oxygen Bleach is unscented, so there is no nasty chemical after smell left on your washing. It’s also kinder on the planet, as it’s carbon-neutral and never tested on animals.

All you need is 1.5 tbsps per load! Sodasan’s Oxygen Bleach is designed to combat even tougher stains, like coffee and red wine, plus it will also keep your whites sparkling white. However, it’s not suitable for delicate fabrics, so it’s best used for normal garments.


Sodium Percarbonate, Soda.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oxygen Bleach as good as bleach?

Oxygen bleach is better for coloured clothes because it doesn’t affect colour, whereas ordinary bleach will normally affect colours.

Another thing to note is that Oxygen Bleach has safer molecules than standard bleach. It contains the active ingredient, Sodium Percarbonate, which is less reactive than the active ingredient in bleach, Sodium Hypochlorite. Also, it does not have the risk of forming cancerous compounds such as Chloroform, which can happen with regular bleach.