LoofCo - Loofa Cleaning Pads (For Surfaces, Tiles & Sinks) Multiple Options

LoofCo - Loofa Cleaning Pads (For Surfaces, Tiles & Sinks) Multiple Options

Brand - LoofCo
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Quick Description

The cleaning of surfaces, tiles & sinks needs something that’s durable & non-scratch. LoofCo’s Loofa Cleaning Pads are up to the task & can clean with ease!

Key Information

  • Loofah Cleaning Pads
  • Lasts for months
  • Made from loofah plant
  • Compostable
  • Available in a single or 2-pack

Product Overview

For all-around cleaning, get scrubbing with LoofCo’s Loofah Cleaning Pads! They can help you clean all kinds of surfaces as well as tiles and sinks.

The great thing about these pads, as compared to rags and brushes, is their texture. A little rough when dry and soft when wet, you can use LoofCo’s Loofah Cleaning Pads to your advantage! Use it to clean tough stains or use it to wipe away grime off sinks.

Once your pad has spent months in duty and looks like it needs to go in the bin, drop it in the compost instead! It’s plastic-free and biodegradable!



Frequently Asked Questions

How big are LoofCo’s Loofah Cleaning Pads?

Each pad has a 100mm x 100mm size. Each pad also has a rope loop that you can use to hang it up.