LoofCo - Loofah Washing-Up Pad

LoofCo - Loofah Washing-Up Pad

Brand - LoofCo
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Quick Description

Looking for a durable and versatile alternative to the common kitchen sponge? Then meet LoofCo’s biodegradable and recyclable Loofah Washing-Up Kitchen Pad!

Key Information

  • Durable Washing-Up Kitchen Pad
  • Made from loofah plant fibres
  • For scrubbing and cleaning
  • Replaces regular brushes and sponges
  • Biodegradable and recyclable options

Product Overview

A clean home is a happy one! Every day, we need the help of a sponge to clean up mugs, plates, or even sinks. But they don’t last very long, do they? We end up throwing those away and, really, are we able to dispose of them properly?

That’s why we’re huge fans of LoofCo’s Loofah Washing-Up Kitchen Pad. First of all, they are both recyclable and biodegradable - making them better than your ordinary sponge. Next, they’re made with durable loofah plant fibres and can definitely handle any hard scrub job.

Clean plates, pots and mugs with ease!



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use LoofCo’s Loofah Washing-Up Kitchen Pad?

All you need is a bit of elbow grease and some water to dampen this pad. When dry, it’s a bit abrasive. So use that to your advantage to clean tougher stains. When dampened, it will clean your non-stick pans effectively, without any scratches or damage to the non-stick surface. It won’t do the dishes for you, but it certainly makes it easier and more eco-friendly!