The Top Vegan Coconut Waters To Charge You Up For The Day

The Top Vegan Coconut Waters To Charge You Up For The Day

The coconut: giver of fruit, milk and water. Here at PlantX, ‘inspired’ doesn’t quite cover it when it comes to this astounding tropical fruit. 

Debate rages on over what a coconut actually is. Fruit? Nut? Seed? We could get caught up on this one, but we’d rather explore the awe-inspiring benefits of coconut water. Rich white flesh high in fat and nutrients, luxurious creamy milk and extraordinary silky water, the coconut is truly a giver of life and an absolute staple of the vegan diet. 

We’re going to concentrate on coconut water, the question of is coconut water good for you? And some of our favourite coconut waters to keep you zippy on your hectic days. 

Benefits of Coconut Water

Benefits of coconut water


Hungover? Dry lips, banging headache, desire to stare at the wall with the curtains shut? Be prepared for your hangovers to be utterly transformed by the hydrating power of coconut water. 95% of coconut water is actually made up of H2O. So yes, it is, without a doubt, a great source of hydration.

Staying hydrating is incredibly important for our body’s function. Hydration is known to keep our digestive system ticking along, the kidneys correctly filtering our body’s waste products, and our brains functioning to their best capacity, among many other things. 

Even when we go a few hours without having a drink of water, we may start to feel the effects. Dry mouth, foggy brain, headache. It’s clear how important hydration is for us to be able to function properly in our daily lives. 

One of the fantastic benefits of coconut water is that you are receiving hydration whilst also experiencing the exotic, creamy taste of coconuts. If you’re one of those people who want to drink more water but find the taste too boring, coconut water is the perfect incentive to curb dehydration. Tasty AND hydrating, it’s a life hack!


It may sound like a character from X-Men, but we promise, electrolytes are a real thing and they’re really good for you. In fact, electrolytes already exist in your body and are important in helping the body to self-regulate in changing conditions

When we become dehydrated, we lose electrolytes and run the risk of becoming very ill. Another of the coconut water benefits is that it can provide us with much-needed electrolytes and keep our bodies balanced. Some of the electrolytes that coconut water contains include: calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium

Here are some of the Benefits of these Nutrients:

Coconut Water Nutrients


Calcium is well known for helping to strengthen the bones in our body. Without it, we would lack bone density and may develop the challenging symptoms of calcium deficiency


Magnesium is known to help our bodies keep blood sugar levels balanced. Magnesium is contained within each cell in our body, our cells require magnesium to function properly. It’s also critical for our brains to function properly


Sodium is key for the body’s ability to conduct nerve and muscle functions. We need sodium in small quantities to be able to move!


Similarly to sodium, potassium is needed in the body for the function of our nerves and muscles, and for balancing our fluids. 


People tend to throw around this word not really knowing what it means, come on, we’ve all done it. Antioxidants are substances that help to delay or prevent damage to our body cells. So, pretty important!

Research has shown that the antioxidants contained in coconut water are beneficial for our general bodily health. 

The importance of drinking pure coconut water

If you want to harness the powerful benefits of coconut water, it’s best to do so by drinking 100% pure coconut water as opposed to coconut water that is from concentrate. Coconut water from concentrate is likely to include added sugars and other compounds that aren’t great for you. 

We reckon that if you’re going to drink coconut water, you might as well do it right. Of course fresh from the coconut is the ultimate way to drink it, but how often are you in the company of a fresh coconut? If you’re anything like us, it’s not as often as you’d like to be.

Fortunately, PlantX has plenty of 100% pure coconut waters which come as close as you can get to drinking it straight from the fruit.

Top vegan coconut waters

Science aside, what are our favourite coconut waters out there today? 

Vita - Organic Farmers Pressed Coconut Water

Vita Coco - Organic Farmers Pressed Coconut Water

These guys have stormed onto the scene with their amazing range of Vita Coconut Water. This product is one of our all-time favourites, due to being made from organically grown coconuts all the way from the Philippines. 

Outrageously creamy and nutty, this coconut water is refreshing, rejuvenating and completely delicious. 

Cocofina - Organic Coconut Water

Cocofina’s Organic Coconut Water

Cocofina provides a suitable rival to Vita Coco in terms of the quality of the product. The coconuts used to make this water are also organic and ethically sourced. 

On top of all this, the taste is pretty sublime. Perfect served ice cold on a warm day with ice for extra hydration!

Vita Pure Coconut Water 

Vita Coco - Pure Coconut Water

Not dissimilar to their organic farmers pressed coconut water, this version is the absolute original classic of Vita Coconut Water. Vita Coco treats those young fresh coconuts with the ultimate respect, as the picking, cracking and packing of the coconuts is all done within 72 hours - now that’s fresh! 

Perfect for glugging after exercise or in the morning as a shot for vitality, this coconut water will always be a favourite of PlantX’s, indeed vegans all around the world.

Vita Coconut Water with Pressed Coconut

Vita Coco - Coconut Water with Pressed Coconut

Here’s to a real treat. Vita Coco has outdone themselves with this coconut water with pressed coconut. What a combination! 

Hydrating and packed with so much goodness, this coconut water is extra creamy due to the addition of pressed coconut. Smooth and silky, Vita Coco’s Coconut Water with Pressed Coconut would be perfect for your post-exercise smoothie. 

And that’s a wrap

We’ve safely established the wondrous nutritious value of pure coconut water and the benefits of coconut water for our general health. Electrolytes, antioxidants, hydration, what more could you want from a nutty, creamy beverage? 

If you’re a complete novice in the world of vegan pure coconut water, we are jealous of you. You’ve got quite the adventure ahead of you with the amazing products that are out there for the taking. 

Remember, avoid coconut water from concentrate, stick with 100% pure coconut water for the incredible coconut water benefits and unique flavour. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right!

Feel free to experiment with pure coconut water! Slip some into a smoothie, replace your post-gym drink with it, and make it into ice cubes with pieces of fruit. Use your imagination and let pure coconut water have its rightful place as an essential in your vegan diet.