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Vegan and organic coconut water is fantastic. It’s refreshing, great for hydration and just simply delicious.

There are a bunch of reasons why people like coconut water. It’s a great way to get potassium and it's also a source of natural electrolytes! Think of it as nature’s sports drink.

Vegan and organic coconut water can be drunk straight and is especially refreshing when chilled. You can even add coconut water to fruit smoothies, too!

What’s So Great About Coconut Water?

Vegan and organic coconut water can be a great way to get some potassium, magnesium and calcium. These minerals help our muscles stay in tip-top shape and give us a boost of energy. Coconut water also has antioxidant properties, too.

Drinking coconut water may also help you lower your blood sugar, prevent kidney stones and keep your heart healthy!


Is coconut water healthy?

It is! But you should watch what you get because not all coconut water is made the same. Organic coconut water is often the way to go because it’s made with simple, high-quality ingredients. Luckily, the lineup we have at PlantX should help you with your search!

Here’s one from Cocofina. Its Organic Coconut Water is just pure coconut water - no nasty additives. It’s perfect for those hot UK summer days!

Healthy can also be tasty! Here’s another drink that’s made with organic coconut water - it’s Provamel By Alpro’s Organic Rice & Coconut Drink!

Is coconut water the same as coconut milk?

The two are actually very different! Coconut water is simply the liquid found inside the coconut. Whereas coconut milk, on the other hand, is made with the white flesh of the coconut!

Is it ok if I drink coconut water during workouts?

Yes! It absolutely is ok to drink coconut water during workouts. In fact, coconut water is probably even better for hydration than your average store-bought sports drink!

Drinking coconut water during a workout may help you feel more energised and refreshed. And since bringing a whole carton of coconut water to the gym isn’t ideal, you might try grabbing a mini-sized one.

Try Vita Coco’s Coconut Water with Pressed Coconut for a handy on-the-go refreshment that you can easily pop in your bag. 

What else is coconut water good for?

Coconut water, for the most part, is a healthy and tasty beverage that you can enjoy any time and anywhere. You can add it to a ton of other drinks, mixes and cocktails - but it can also be used in cooking, too!

Why not try something a little different and use your coconut water to make a refreshing Cucumber Slushie? Or how about some Coconut Water Rice to go with your curry?

Oh, and here’s a great carton of coconut water to help you get started on those recipes: Vita Coco’s Pure Coconut Water!

Can I use coconut water in coffee?

This one’s a bit tricky because the two don’t necessarily go together. Most types of coconut water aren’t good for coffee taste-wise. Luckily, Rude Health has made a delicious Organic Coconut Drink - a refreshing alternative to dairy-based milk that you can add to your hot beverages.

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