ACTIPH - Water Alkaline Ionised Water Sports Cap Multiple Sizes

ACTIPH - Water Alkaline Ionised Water Sports Cap Multiple Sizes

Brand - ACTIPH
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Quick Description

Actiph Water is packed with electrolytes and infused with magnesium. This 9.8 pH Alkaline Ionised pure spring water will rehydrate, refresh and revitalise. Grab yours now!

Key Information

  • Natural Spring Water
  • Added Electrolytes for increased energy levels
  • Ionised to aid with better gut health
  • pH 9.8 alkaline
  • No calories, no sugar, no sweeteners, no caffeine

Product Overview

The smooth tasting Actiph Water comes in a 100% recyclable and BPA-free bottle making this drink both good for you and the environment. It’s healthy, safe and helps to lead a balanced life. Ionised water can help in improving bone health, aid in slowing down the ageing process and reduce gastrointestinal problems.

Created in 2014, Actiph Water was the outcome of Jamie Douglas-Hamilton’s adventure out at sea over a 5000-mile journey. Rowing across the ocean from Australia to Africa, setting two Guinness World Records in the process, Actiph Water began its journey. During the crossing, one crew member mixed seawater with fresh water. The results were revolutionary. They started drinking this mix and soon crew members began to notice increased power and energy levels.

Inspired by the Japanese “Waterfall Water”, (named due to the electrical charge created by the speed of falling water in a waterfall), Jamie developed his own method of ionising water.

The water has been electrically charged, creating a 9.8pH alkaline level as well as eliminating any acidic undertones.


Spring Water, Magnesium Sulphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Actiph Water good for you?

Due to the higher level of pH in Actiph Water than tap water, it is an alkaline liquid, which means that Actiph Water can support in balancing acid in the bloodstream.