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Yogi Tea - Organic Sweet Chilli Tea, 17 Bags

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Quick Description

Yogi Tea’s Organic Sweet Chilli Tea is a unique blend that brings the flavours of Mexican Spice, chilli peppers, cocoa shells, and liquorice with every cup.

Key Information

  • Mexican Spice Sweet Chilli Tea Blend
  • Exotic and sweet brew
  • Made with chilli peppers and liquorice
  • 17 tea bags a pack
  • Great Taste Gold Award 2012

Product Overview

Take a journey whenever you take a sip on Yogi Tea’s Organic Sweet Chilli Mexican Spice Tea. Sweet because of liquorice and spicy thanks to chilli peppers and cinnamon, think of this tea like yin and yang. Opposites attract and, boy, do they make a tasty pair!

Yogi Tea’s Organic Sweet Chilli Mexican Spice Tea also brings chocolate flavours from the cocoa shells in the blend. That’s complemented by the fresh mint that comes with it as well.

Soothing and delicious, this tea has everything you could ever want in a brew! Oh and rest assured, all the ingredients are 100% organic and responsibly sourced.


Liquorice*, Cocoa Shells*, Spearmint*, Fennel*, Anise*, Ginger*, Peppermint*, Nettle*, Cinnamon*, Chili Pepper*, Cardamom*, Cloves*, Black Pepper*.
*Certified organic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I brew Yogi Tea’s Organic Sweet Chilli Mexican Spice Tea?

Get 250 ml of freshly boiled water and pour that into your favourite mug. Steep your tea for about 7 minutes, but you can leave it in longer if you want stronger flavours. If you like, you can add some plant-based milk or sweetener.

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Yogi Tea - Organic Sweet Chilli Tea, 17 Bags
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