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Whether it’s for a comforting hot cuppa or a balancing boost for your well-being, Yogi Tea delivers both. Yogi Tea provides a wide range of delicious teas, which everyone can find their favourite from; maybe you like your Yogi Tea herbal, choco or detox?

About Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea’s story started over 40 years ago, when they treasured the wellness-supporting properties of ginger, cinnamon, clove, black pepper and cardamom, using them to create exquisite herbal tea blends. This was the beginning of their high quality teas.

The history of Yogi Tea is also connected to the Ayurveda philosophy. Ayurveda is an ancient method for healing, which uses a holistic approach to wellbeing. It also finds the balance for body, mind and spirit extremely important. 

This philosophy is used in Yogi Tea products: each and every tea blend is not only supposed to bring enjoyment, but also balance to your body, mind and spirit. They deliver wonderful teas that are formulated for supporting immunity, enhancing sleep and balancing the body, to just name a few.

Yogi Tea’s mission is to serve purposeful high quality tea blends. Each ingredient and each tea blend is sourced and created in a way that also supports quality and sustainability, along with social responsibility on a local and global level. Take a look at the products listed below and find your Yogi Tea favourite!

The Most Loved Yogi Tea products

Classic Chai Loose Tea

This Ayurvedic spice infusion might be the queen of teas - it’s a Yogi tea classic. It has the authentic chai flavour, made with a beautiful blend of organic ingredients, such as sweet cardamom and tangy ginger. This unique flavour and aroma is even more delicious with your favourite plant-based milk. 

Organic Natural Balance Tea

This Yogi Tea is balanced, spicy and harmonious. It has a special fresh flavour, that comes from lemongrass, shiitake and licorice. It’s aromatic, savoury and truly delicious. Enjoy this Yogi Tea to boost mindfulness and nourish your inner life.

Organic Bedtime Rooibos Vanilla Tea

Craving something sweet but you should be heading to bed? This Organic Bedtime Rooibos Vanilla Tea is a delicious and sweet blend of vanilla, rooibos and chamomile flowers. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a calm mind that gets you ready for a peaceful sleep. The perfect Yogi Tea for sleep!

Licorice Mint Tea

Yogi Tea delivers another Ayurvedic blend with their Licorice Mint tea. Made with liquorice, peppermint, cardamom and a hint of aniseed, this delicious and bold blend is refreshing and warming. Try it yourself and discover that Yogi Tea Licorice Mint is balm for your soul.

Immune Support Organic Tea

Yogi Tea Immune Support makes it easy to get your daily amount of vitamin C; this Immune upper Organic Tea is made with a gorgeous blend of echinacea, acerola cherry and elderberry. These ingredients are rich in vitamin C, which is known for supporting the immune system along with a healthy and balanced diet. 

Ginger Tea

Awake your senses with this aromatic Ginger Tea from Yogi Tea. Naturally caffeine free, this ayurvedic blend of ginger and black pepper will deliver warmth instantly. This Yogi Ginger Tea is spicy, warming and comforting. 

Why Choose Yogi Tea?

Not only are Yogi Tea’s products delicious, organic and natural, Yogi Tea is also a company that truly cares for the environment. Their motto; “feel good, be good, do good, reflects the way Yogi Tea does business. 

The responsibility towards nature and people is considered in everything that Yogi Tea does. Producing teas that are organic, ethical and sustainable is the result of Yogi Tea's efforts and commitment. 

Each and every ingredient that Yogi Tea uses, is grown on an organic farm. Yogi Tea also treats their workers, farmers and everyone involved ethically and fairly. They also support many social projects that help to improve the standards of living. 

In addition to the organic and ethical business model, Yogi Tea takes sustainability very seriously. This shows as using only non-GMO and biodegradable tea bags and packaging and FSC-certified paper, for example. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yogi Tea organic?

Yogi Tea sources organic ingredients as often as possible. Each tea contains organic ingredients and most of them are Certified USDA Organic or USDA Made with Organic. 

Can I drink Yogi Tea cold or over ice?

Yogi Teas are formulated to be the most effective for digestion and health benefits, when brewed with hot water. They can be enjoyed cold and over ice as well, but we recommend following the brewing instructions before adding ice or letting the tea cool in the refrigerator.

How do I brew Yogi Tea?

Yogi Tea has a lot of varieties which have different brewing times. Each Yogi Tea carton and an individual Yogi Tea envelope has the suggested brewing instructions for the tea. Just follow the instructions, and your Yogi Tea bag will bring you joy!

Do Yogi Teas contain caffeine?

Yogi Tea offers many different tea blends, some of them contain caffeine, some are caffeine free and some are decaffeinated. You can find the caffeine content information for each tea variety in the Yogi Tea carton or in the individual tea envelope. 

Are Yogi Teas Non-GMO?

Yogi teas do not contain any GMOs. They are also in the process of obtaining the official Non-GMO Project Verified certification for all of their tea blends. 

What kind of paper is used for Yogi’s Tea bags?

The filtration paper used for Yogi’s Tea bags is made from a 100% recyclable blend of hemp fibres and wood pulp. This blend is free from plastics and is oxygen bleached with a natural process, free from chemicals and toxins. The filtration paper is also free from GMOs, gluten and corn.