Yogi Tea - Organic Mens Tea, 17 Bags Multiple Options

Yogi Tea - Organic Mens Tea, 17 Bags Multiple Options

Brand - Yogi Tea
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Quick Description

Strong, rugged and with a spiced kick from ginger & chilli, Yogi Tea’s Organic Men’s Tea is a relaxing, warming experience that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Key Information

  • Blend of herbs and spices
  • With notes of ginger, ginseng, chilli and mace
  • Caffeine-free
  • 17 compostable bags of organic men's tea
  • Ready to enjoy in under 10 minutes
  • Certified organic

Product Overview

Spice up your life with this strong yet sweet, down to earth tea.

Looking for a tea with a bit of excitement? We’ve got just the thing. Yogi Tea’s Organic Men’s Tea combines invigorating ingredients like ginger, chilli and cinnamon to help naturally alleviate awkward tickly sore throats and clear up sinuses.

A wonderful blend of herbs and spices, ginger, ginseng, chilli and mace, this tea is truly irresistible. For those who love their tea to have a bit of a kick, brewing a cup of this and enjoying it is sure to satisfy ten-fold!

Made with organic ingredients, this tea is also 100% caffeine-free, so you don’t have to worry about being kept awake at night. Plus, the tea bags are completely compostable - so just chuck it into your compost pile, and let nature take its course.

How to Prepare

Pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water over the teabag. Allow the tea to infuse for 5 to 6 minutes - or longer for a stronger flavour.


Ginger*, Cardamom*, Liquorice*, Carob*, Cinnamon*, Barley Malt*, Roasted Chicory*, Peppermint*, Fenugreek*, Fennel*, Mace*, Anise*, Ginseng Root*, Astragalus*, Turmeric Root*, Chili Pepper*, Cinnamon Oil*, Black Pepper*
*Certified Organic
Allergens: Barley Malt. Contains liquorice. People suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never heard of fenugreek, what exactly is it?

Native to Western Asia and the Mediterranean, fenugreek is a plant that comes in three green or yellow oblong leaves and pod-like seeds. Usually consumed fresh or dried, whole or ground into powder, fenugreek is often used in chutneys or to make maple syrup imitates because it’s rather reminiscent of burnt sugar.