Yogi Tea - Organic Detox with Lemon Tea, 17 Bags Multiple Options

Yogi Tea - Organic Detox with Lemon Tea, 17 Bags Multiple Options

Brand - Yogi Tea
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Quick Description

Yogi Tea Organic Detox with Lemon Tea is perfect for days when we need an uplifting detox. Infuse in hot water and soak up the benefits of Ayurvedic tea.

Key Information

  • Ayurvedic properties
  • Source of potassium and vitamin C
  • Each box contains 17 tea bags
  • Organic

Product Overview

Yogi Tea is produced in harmony with nature and this Organic Detox Lemon Tea will reconnect you to these humble roots with a zesty and fresh flavour. Each Ingredient is organically farmed and selected for its individual benefit and ayurvedic properties.

Lemon is high in vitamin C, a key nutrient for the growth and development of all cells in our body. Dandelion is known for its high potassium content and ginger is loaded with antioxidants and potential immunity-boosting qualities.

Each Organic tea bag comes with an uplifting insightful quote to help you thoughtfully relax into the moment and enjoy every sip. Simply fill your favourite mug with freshly boiled water. Let the tea infuse for a few minutes and savour each detoxifying sip!


Lemon Peel, Melissa, Peppermint, Lemon Essential Oil, Lemongrass, Dandelion, Cinnamon, Ginger, Liquorice

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I infuse the teabag?

For the perfect cup of Yogi Tea, Organic Detox with Lemon Tea let it steep in hot water for 7 minutes before removing the teabag.

Is Yogi Tea sustainable?

Yogi Tea is farmed using ecologically sustainable and no pesticides. It uses organic farming methods, with produces lower emissions and promotes greater biodiversity. Yogi also make a valuable contribution to social sustainability and supports local social enterprises.