Violife - Mozzarella for Pizza Flavour Block, 200g – PlantX UK

Violife - Mozzarella for Pizza Flavour Block, 200g

Violife - Mozzarella for Pizza Flavour Block, 200g

Brand - Violife
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Quick Description

Plant-based pizza is easy cheesy with the Violife Mozzarella for Pizza Flavour Block! Free of gluten, nuts, and soy, it's vegan cheese that everyone can enjoy!

Key Information

  • Creamy texture and a fantastic melt
  • 200g block vegan cheese alternative
  • Free of the 14 main allergens, including nuts, gluten, and soy
  • Non-GMO
  • No preservatives

Product Overview

Trying to perfect plant-based pizza? Set your mind at cheese! 

The Violife Mozzarella for Pizza Flavour Block has got you covered. This delicious vegan block has the wonderful, creamy taste of mozzarella, stretching and melting just the way you want it to. Perfect pizza is finally here!

From the award-winning company, Violife, this Mozzarella for Pizza vegan cheese is enriched with vital vitamin B12 and made from a base of coconut oil. Full of beneficial medium-chain fatty acids, it makes a wonderful foundation for this plant-based kitchen staple. 

It’s also free of preservatives, GMOs, and most impressively, the top 14 allergens. This tasty treat can be enjoyed by all, and both vegans and non-vegans alike will be amazed by its stretchy, melty qualities!


Water, Coconut oil (21%), Starch, Modified Starch*, Sea Salt, Mozzarella Flavour, Olive Extract, Colour: B-Carotene, Vitamin B12.
*Not to be confused with GMO (Genetically Modified) ingredients.
Allergens: This product is free from the main 14 allergens.
Contains Coconut

Frequently Asked Questions

Other than pizza, what is the Violife Mozzarella for Pizza Flavour Block good for?

This delicious vegan cheese can be enjoyed in a huge variety of ways. Whilst it’s perfect for melting over pizza, in toasties, or on top of vegetable bakes, it is also fantastic cold. A mild, creamy flavour means it’s endlessly versatile. Incredible in macaroni cheese or on cheese on toast. Enjoy!

Client Reviews

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Violife - Mozzarella for Pizza Flavour Block, 200g
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