Sweet Freedom - Choc Shot The Original, 320g

Sweet Freedom - Choc Shot The Original, 320g
Sweet Freedom - Choc Shot The Original, 320g_Nutritionals
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Sweet Freedom - Choc Shot The Original, 320g

Brand - Sweet Freedom
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Quick Description

You choco-holics out there will want nothing but Sweet Freedom’s The Original Choc Shot to satisfy all your plant-based, chocolate needs.

Key Information

  • Wonderful, chocolatey goodness and totally vegan
  • Only 13 calories per teaspoon
  • Absolutely no palm oil and non-GMO
  • Super high in fibre
  • No artificial sweeteners, just natural fruit sweetness.

Product Overview

When you go plant-based, finding something that is utterly indulgent and sweet that meets the dietary requirements isn’t the easiest thing. Well look no further for Sweet Freedom has got your back with their Original Choc Shot.

A mouth-watering, rich chocolate sauce, The Original Choc Shot is non-GMO and contains absolutely no palm oil. Stir it into your preferred milk alternative and enjoy a delicious cup of cold or hot chocolate.

No need to feel guilty either as it is only 13 calories per teaspoon. It is also high in fibre and contains absolutely no artificial sweetener. The sweetness comes from fruits!

The best part is you can use this gorgeous chocolate sauce in a huge variety of ways. Want to give your baked goods a lovely hint of chocolate, just add some Choc Shot. Add it to your morning porridge or oats and turn it into a wonderful treat.

And if you're making pancakes, The Original Choc Shot is a must-have topping. You could even smother your favourite fresh fruits with Choc Shot and create an indulgent snack.


Sweet Freedom natural fruit extracts (carob & apple), cocoa, water, rapeseed oil, natural flavour.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does the Choc Shot compare to solid chocolate?

Not an entirely fair comparison as the Choc Shot is 95% fat-free, half the calories of solid chocolate and 86% less fat.