NKD Living - Erythritol Multiple Options

NKD Living - Erythritol Multiple Options

Brand - NKD Living
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Quick Description

Sweet like sugar, but healthier. NKD Living Erythritol is a natural sweetener with 0% sugar, 0% calories, and 0% carbs! It’s also tooth-friendly!

Key Information

  • Non-caloric sugar substitute
  • Tastes like sugar
  • Will not affect blood sugar
  • Tooth-friendly
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free

Product Overview

Erythritol is a non-caloric sweetener that is about 70% as sweet as table sugar. Use it in coffee, tea, porridge—anything you could put sugar on.

It tastes just like sugar, but unlike table sugar, erythritol is not absorbed by the body, and will not raise blood sugar levels. It’s safe for diabetics and people limiting their sugar intake.

On a diet? Erythritol contains zero active carbohydrates that can get converted into fat! With NKD Living Erythritol, you can indulge in your favorite dessert or smoothie without overloading on sugar.

Sugar cravings? Satisfy your sweet tooth with NKD Living Erythritol. This wonderful sweetener does not feed oral bacteria and has an antibacterial effect on streptococci. In other words, it’s tooth-friendly!

Sweet, right? Now, explore your options:

NKD Living Erythritol granulated (300g or 1kg)

Looks and feels like regular table sugar. Perfect for most applications. Versatile and can be converted into powder using a grinder when needed.

NKD Living Erythritol powdered (1kg)

Looks like powdered sugar. Dissolves easily and is ideal for making frosting, ice cream, and spoonable desserts.


100% Erythritol

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use NKD Living Erythritol for baking?

You can use erythritol as a sweetener in baking. However, since yeast does not feed on erythritol, it cannot be used to activate yeast in recipes that require yeast. If the yeast is not activated, your dough may not rise.