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Ecomil - Organic Cuisine Oat Milk for Cooking, 200ml

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Ecomil - Organic Cuisine Oat Milk for Cooking, 200ml

Brand - Ecomil
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Quick Description

Sick of having to give up certain dishes because of cutting dairy out of your diet? EcoMil has got the answer with Organic Cuisine Oat Milk for Cooking. 

Key Information

  • 200ml of oat milk ready for cooking
  • Made with amazing, organic ingredients
  • Completely lactose free
  • Low in saturated fat and salt
  • Absolutely no added sugars

Product Overview

One of the hardest things to do when you follow a plant-based diet, is give up some of your favourite dishes because they contain some sort of animal product. Well with EcoMil’s Organic Cuisine Oat Milk for Cooking you can go back to enjoying those dishes with absolutely no guilt.

Made with the best organic oats, this milk is also completely lactose free. Make a gorgeous, creamy carbonara with EcoMil and you will never look back! Low in saturated fat and salt, it is the perfect cream alternative. No added sugars either so feel free to add to any dessert recipes, safe in the knowledge that it won’t over sweeten. 

EcoMil’s Organic Cuisine Oat Milk for Cooking does not cut while heated either so no worries on that score. Pairs beautifully with acids like lemon juice or wine, and definitely worth using in all sorts of dishes like sauces, soups, stews, vegetables and pastas. Make sure to shake thoroughly before opening.


Water, oats (9%), high oleic sunflower oil, sea salt, stabilizer: locust bean gum. This product is manufactured on a line where nuts are processed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are EcoMil’s principles toward the environment?

At EcoMil it is all about the protection and conservation of bees and the general environment. Committed to organic farming, absolutely no pesticides or other chemical products are used and everything is issued from non-irrigated farming. When it comes to pollinating insects, the bees are local and gather pollen freely as there is no human interruption.

Client Reviews

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Ecomil - Organic Cuisine Oat Milk for Cooking, 200ml
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