ClearSpot - Organic Tempeh, 200g

ClearSpot - Organic Tempeh, 200g
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ClearSpot - Organic Tempeh, 200g

Brand - ClearSpot Tofu
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Quick Description

Handmade in Yorkshire with sustainably grown soybeans and gut-boosting live cultures, Clearspot Organic Tempeh is nourishing, tangy and delicious.

Key Information

  • Handcrafted tempeh with whole organic soybeans and live cultures
  • Firm, meaty texture and tangy, nutty flavour
  • Great source of plant protein and other essential nutrients
  • 100% free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives
  • Organic, non-GMO & gluten-free

Product Overview

Clearspot Organic Tempeh has a firm, meaty texture and deliciously nutty and tangy flavour. Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian source of protein, made by fermenting whole soybeans with live cultures and pressing them into a firm cake. ClearSpot is proud to handcraft its small batch Organic Tempeh according to a traditional Indonesian recipe.

Made with your health and the health of our planet in mind, Clearspot Organic Tempeh is made from sustainably grown organic soybeans. It is 100% free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, as well as GMOs.

Clearspot Organic Tempeh is an extremely versatile protein alternative. It can be cut into slices, chunks or even crumbled into a mince substitute. Cubed and fried until golden and crisp, it can be spiced up with classic Indonesian sauces like kecap manis or sambal. Or why not marinate slices in your favourite spices and bake to enjoy in wraps and sandwiches or with salads?


Tempeh (Water, Soya Beans* (44%), Culture (Inoculum))
*Organic ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clearspot Organic Tempeh healthy?

Because it is so dense, Clearspot Organic Tempeh is one of the healthiest soybean products around. It is a rich source of protein, gut-boosting prebiotics and an impressive array of essential vitamins and minerals.
These include protein, iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. In fact, one serving of tempeh contains around 66% of the calcium found in one cup of cow’s milk.

Low in carbs and sodium, tempeh is a heart healthy complete plant protein that may reduce cholesterol levels and decrease oxidative stress caused by free radicals.