Booja Booja - The Artist's Collection Chocolate Truffles Assorted Flavours, 185g

Booja Booja - Fine de Champagne, 185g
Booja Booja - Hazelnut Crunch, 185g
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Booja Booja - The Artist's Collection Chocolate Truffles Assorted Flavours, 185g

Brand - Booja Booja
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Quick Description

Prepare for truffle perfection with Booja Booja’s Artist’s Collection. Wrapped in a box as beautiful as the truffles taste, this is a collection you’ll want to indulge in.

Key Information

  • Made with Fine Organic Chocolate
  • Winner of the Great Taste 2019 awards
  • Available in two irresistible flavors - Fine de Champagne and Hazelnut Crunch
  • Dairy, Gluten & Soya Free
  • Perfect for gifting to loved ones (or devouring yourself!)

Product Overview

Indulge, relax and enjoy yourself the luxurious way with Booja Booja’s Artist’s Collection of Chocolate Truffles. A selection of 16 chocolate truffles, made with heavenly ganache enclosed in rich dark chocolate - it’s simply a must-try.

Available in two drool-worthy flavors, Fine de Champagne and Hazelnut Crunch, and packaged in a box so beautiful you will cherish it even after you have devoured what’s inside - treat yourself or a loved one today. Why not? We all deserve to dabble in magnificence every now and again.

Booja-Booja Fine de Champagne Chocolate Truffles

Give yourself the love you deserve with this lavish selection of 16 multi-award-winning Fine de Champagne chocolate truffles. Handmade in Norfolk. Rich, silky smooth and effortlessly elegant - don’t let yourself miss out.

Booja-Booja Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate Truffles

Step into hazelnut heaven with this divine box of 16 multi-award-winning hazelnut chocolate truffles. Delicately crafted with sweetly roasted Italian hazelnuts. Lovingly handmade by Booja’s small team in Norfolk. Expect only the finest quality chocolate and expert craftsmanship that you can taste with every bite.


Booja-Booja Fine de Champagne Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate* (cocoa mass*, cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, vanilla powder*) Coconut oil* Fine de Champagne* 5% Agave Syrup* Cocoa Powder*
*Organically grown ingredient

Booja-Booja Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate* (Cocoa Mass*, Cane Sugar*, Cocoa Butter*,Vanilla Powder*) Hazelnuts*17%
Coconut Oil* Cocoa Powder*
*Organically grown ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust my Booja Booja truffles are organic?

All Booja Booja ingredients are organic. They simply wouldn’t do it any other way.
In practice, this means all Booja Booja products are produced by farmers who use organic farming and production methods.

These methods endeavour to use resources responsibly, care for the soil, preserve natural ecosystems and respect the health of the people who work on the land.

It also means no synthetic chemical pesticides or weed killers are used, instead they use small amounts of pesticides that are derived from natural ingredients.
Booja Booja only buys ingredients from certified organic farmers and suppliers. Why? Because strict standards ensure the finest quality products for you to enjoy.