Biona - Organic Sauerkraut Multiple Sizes

Biona - Organic Sauerkraut Multiple Sizes

Brand - Biona
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Quick Description

Made with organic cabbage, juniper berries and sea salt, Biona Organic Sauerkraut is naturally tangy and delicious, perfect for sandwiches and vegan hot dogs.

Key Information

  • Organic sauerkraut infused with juniper berries
  • Made with just 3 organic ingredients
  • Great as a tasty side dish, in sandwiches or added to stews
  • Available in 350g or 680g jar
  • Pasteurised

Product Overview

Made using a traditional German fermentation technique, Biona Organic Sauerkraut is finely shredded, tangy and delicious. This tasty lacto-fermented cabbage is made with just three ingredients: organic white cabbage, sea salt and juniper berries.

Biona is passionate about creating delicious plant-powered foods that don’t cost the earth. That’s why its Organic Sauerkraut is made with organic veggies, sustainably grown using techniques that enrich the soil, conserve resources and encourage biodiversity.

Biona Organic Sauerkraut is extremely low in calories and high in gut-boosting fibre, vitamins A, C & K, calcium, folate and other essential minerals.

Sauerkraut makes a deliciously tangy side dish. It can be tossed in salads, layered in sandwiches with your favourite vegan deli meats, or served alongside a succulent plant-based hot dog.

This tasty ferment can also be used to make traditional Eastern European soups and stews.
Choose from 2 reusable/recyclable jar sizes: 350g or 680g.


White Cabbage (97%), Sea Salt, Juniper Berries (1%). (Pasteurised)
From Organic Biodynamic Agriculture
Certified Organic Ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Biona Organic Sauerkraut contain probiotics?

Biona Organic Sauerkraut is pasteurised, not raw or live. This means it has been heated to kill harmful bacteria and extend the shelf life. Unfortunately, this also gets rid of the good probiotic bacteria created during fermentation.

However, unlike many pasteurised sauerkrauts on the market, Biona Organic Sauerkraut is 100% free from vinegar, preservatives and added sugar.

Fermented cabbage, with or without the probiotics, is still packed with beneficial vitamins, minerals and fibre.