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Biona - Organic Pumpernickel Bread, 500g

Biona - Organic Pumpernickel Bread, 500g

Brand - Biona
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Quick Description

Looking for a delicious bread alternative? Biona Organic Pumpernickel Bread is a delicious, healthy option. Click to find out about your new favourite bread!

Key Information

  • High in fibre
  • Naturally sweet and flavourful
  • Certified organic
  • Low in cholesterol
  • Low in saturated fat

Product Overview

Biona’s Organic Pumpernickel Bread is packed with natural flavour. This delicious bread alternative has a naturally sweet, nutty flavour. It toasts brilliantly, which brings out the natural oils from the Pumpernickel seeds.

Why not try this as a base for avocado toast? This high fibre bread will keep you fuller for longer, with a delicious texture and flavour profile. It is also low in saturated fat and cholesterol , making this a perfect breakfast/brunch option.

Biona is renowned for making delicious bread alternatives. It only releases 100% organic, sustainably produced products. Biona has an incredibly high standard of product, which is why we recommend it here at PlantX!


Wholegrain Rye Meal*, Water, Sugar Beet Syrup*, Barleymalt Extract*, Sea Salt
(*Certified Organic)
Allergena: Rye, Barley

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pumpernickel bread a good carb?

Pumpernickel bread has fewer carbohydrates than regular bread. It has around 70g fewer kcal and around 15g fewer carbohydrates. Pumpernickel bread also has around 4 times as much fibre.

This all means that Biona Organic Pumpernickel Bread will keep you fuller for longer, and you can have more of it per portion when compared to a regular slice of bread.

Client Reviews

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Biona - Organic Pumpernickel Bread, 500g
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