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Amisa - Organic Spelt Crispbread, 200g Multiple Flavours

Amisa - Organic Spelt Crispbread, 200g Multiple Flavours

Brand - Amisa
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Quick Description

Perfect for snacking, dipping and covering with your favourite spread, Amisa’s Organic Spelt Crispbread are the vegan, whole grain snacks that never disappoint.

Key Information

  • Organic spelt crispbreads
  • Coming in two different flavours
  • Vegan-friendly option
  • Whole-grain
  • Contains no palm fat

Product Overview

Snacking isn’t the easiest thing when you want to stay healthy. That’s where Amisa comes in with their whole-grain Organic Spelt Crispbread, a nutritious snack that’s always there for you. They are fantastic vegan-friendly options that will satisfy your hunger.

Made with absolutely no palm fat, these spelt crispbreads can be tolerated by many people even though they are not gluten-free. They are so easy to punch up too; break out your favourite dip or topping and go to town on a wonderfully healthy and fulfilling snack.

Poppy Seed & Sunflower Crispbread

The seeds give this spelt crispbread a stunning texture, a whole bunch of nutrients and a lovely flavour. Try them out with some sliced tomato, salt, pepper and a drizzle of organic olive oil; it makes for a stellar snack!

Chia & Flax Crispbread

Amazing with some sliced avocado or olive pate, these spelt crispbreads are a great healthy option. The chia and flax seeds only enhance the nutritious elements already present thanks to the spelt and add a lovely crunchiness that can’t be beaten.


Poppy Seed & Sunflower Crispbread
Spelt Wheat Wholegrain Flour (62%), Sunflower Seeds (15%), Poppy Seeds (12%), Sea Salt, Yeast, Olive Oil, Oat Flakes, Soya Meal, Linseed Brown, Millet, Spelt Wheat Flour, Spelt Wheat Malt Flour, Barley Malt Flour, Acerola Fruit Powder.
Allergens: Contains Soya, Oats and Gluten (Spelt, Barley). Not suitable for nut, soya, sesame & milk allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods.

Chia & Flax Crispbread
Spelt Wheat Wholegrain Flour (76%), Linseed Brown (10%), Chia Seeds (3.8%) (Salvia Hispanica), Sea Salt, Yeast, Olive Oil, Spelt Wheat Malt Flour, Barley Malt Flour Malt, Acerola Fruit Powder, Cumin.
Allergens: Contains Gluten (Spelt, Barley). Not suitable for nut, soya, sesame & milk allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is spelt?

Cultivated from approximately 5000 BC, spelt is a type of wheat not unlike barley or rye. Also known as Dinkel wheat or hulled wheat, it had been a staple food in Europe from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages. It’s now a commonplace ingredient in many health foods, due to its nutty and mildly sweet taste and nutritional properties.

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Amisa - Organic Spelt Crispbread, 200g
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