Try Out Our Best, Favourite Vegan Hot Dogs & Sausages

The humble sausage… everyone loves a good sausage! Evoking memories of BBQs on the beach, eating hot dogs at Bonfire Night display, bangers and mash in the school canteen… And now with more and more exciting options available to those of us living a plant-filled life, we too can enjoy delicious vegan sausages. 

Bonsan - Organic Kofu Grill Sausages

For the perfect vegan English breakfast, grab some of Bonsan’s Organic Kofu Grill Sausages. Made from fermented kombucha cultured tofu, not only do these meatless sausages taste great but they’re also high in protein. 

V-Bite - Cooked Sage & Marjoram Sausages (Ready to Eat)

These yummy plant-based sausages by V-Bite can be eaten straight from the packet – perfect for lazy-day snacking. V-Bite’s Cooked Sage & Marjoram Sausages are delicately spiced, with just the right amount of kick. 

Taifun - Organic Sausages

For perfect vegan hot dogs, you need perfect plant-based sausages, so look no further than Taifun’s Organic Sausages. These organic frankfurter style vegan sausages are made from the finest tofu and free from nitrates, nitrites and saturated fat. 

Top Reasons Why People Try Plant-Based Sausages

Increasingly, people are turning to a plant-based diet to take better care of their health. In the UK, the 2019 Health Survey for England estimated that 68% of men and 60% of women were overweight or obese. In an effort to reduce meat consumption, many people are more prepared to try meatless sausages as a gentle introduction to a healthier lifestyle

Many people also turn to a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons. Concerns about animal cruelty in the farming industry can lead people to try plant-based foods, such as vegan sausages. With no animal-based ingredients, you can feel secure in the knowledge that no animals were harmed in the making of your vegan hot dog. 

Finally, lots of people try plant-based sausages simply for the sake of curiosity. Does a vegan sausage taste like a regular sausage? There’s only one way to find out… try some of the best vegan sausages the UK has to offer directly from our vegan sausage range at PlantX.

Healthy Ways to Feed Children a Plant-Based Hot Dog

It’s no secret that children love hot dogs and sausages, but with the high saturated fat content, are there healthier ways for children to eat hot dogs and sausages? With some clever plant-based sausage products, the answer is yes!

Fry’s - Meat Free Sausage Rolls

We all love a sausage roll – kids in particular love to peel off the flaky, buttery pastry. With Fry’s Meat Free Sausage Rolls, you can be safe in the knowledge that your children are getting lots of plant-based protein goodness, with much less fat. 

Tivali - Vegan Sweetcorn Schnitzel

When it comes to food, children are particularly enamoured with two things – sweetness and the crunchy texture of fried foods. With Tivali’s Vegan Sweetcorn Schnitzel, your children can enjoy a crispy golden texture, naturally sweetened with real corn niblets. Best of all, they’re low in saturated fats. 

Meatless - Meatless Pepperoni

Another favourite with kids is the humble pizza. Keep it healthy by making your own pizza, topped with delicious Meatless Pepperoni by Meatless. Top with some Grated Mozzarella Style Sheese by Bute Island and you’ve got a wholesome, plant-based meal. Your kids probably won’t even realise! 

Or you could even have a go at making your own vegan hotdogs with our fast and easy recipe for delicious Lentil Carrot and Veggie Hot Dogs?! Guaranteed to put a smile on your kids’ faces! 

Are Meatless Sausages Healthy?

Regular sausages are well known to be on the unhealthy side. Highly processed and generally high in fat and salt, the NHS recommends that we limit our consumption of such products. But what about plant-based sausages

While not healthy, per se, vegan sausages are certainly healthier than their meat-filled counterparts. The key ingredients are usually pea protein or soy protein, which our bodies need to build and repair our cells, among other things. 

Vegan sausages tend to contain lower amounts of saturated fats and sodium. Just watch out for meatless sausages that are blended with coconut oil, as coconut oil can have up to 87g of saturated fat per 100g. Given that plant-based sausages do not contain meat, they also have less cholesterol than their meat counterparts. 

So, buy vegan sausages for lower saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol, compared to non-vegan sausages. By all means, indulge in a vegan sausage casserole BUT, as with anything in life, moderation is key! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Vegan Hot Dogs Really Cause Cancer?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified processed meats as “Group 1”, carcinogenic to humans, which means they believe that there is convincing evidence that items in this category may cause cancer. Processed meats include regular, non-vegan sausages and hot dogs. 

Vegan hot dogs contain no meat, at all. Therefore, vegan hot dogs and sausages do not fall under the “Group 1” category of carcinogens, as defined by the WHO. Having said that, consumption of plant-based sausages should still be kept in moderation, as they may contain salt and fat. 

What are the Benefits of Meatless Sausages?

The good news is that with no animal content, meatless sausages are lower in cholesterol than their meaty cousins. But that’s not a free pass to go crazy and eat all the plant-based hot dogs in sight! 

Vegan sausages may not be 100% free of cholesterol. This is especially the case if they contain coconut, coconut oil, cocoa butter, palm oil or palm kernel oil, which all contain saturated fat. Additionally, to make vegan sausages taste like sausages, they often have high amounts of salt added to them. So be mindful, and check your labels carefully! 

What are the Plant-Based Sausages that Every Vegetarian Should Know About?

With such a huge variety of plant-based sausages on the market, it can be a little daunting to decide which is the best banger for you. We round up a few of the best vegan sausages in the UK!

For traditional bangers and mash, you can’t go wrong with VBites’ Vegideli Ready to Eat Linconlshire Style Sausage! Herby and rustic, these are just perfect on top of rich, creamy mashed potato! Or for something a little more continental with a kick, try Meatless’ Meatless Chilli Kabanos Sausage as a great alternative to chorizo.

Of course, we can’t fit all of the best UK vegan sausages on this page! So head on over to our blog article, Vegan Sausages: What They’re Made From and the Best Brands To Try, for some more handy tips and suggestions

What is the Difference Between Plant-Based and Vegan Sausage?

While vegetarian sausages are plant-based, just like vegan sausages, they sometimes use egg white for the binder. Sadly, in these cases, this makes them unsuitable for vegans. The best suggestion we can make is to always check the packaging! Lots of products are “accidentally vegan”, as in they were not designed and marketed at vegans, but are suitable for a plant-based lifestyle, nonetheless. The most well-known example of this is dark chocolate, which we have in abundance at PlantX, in our Vegan Chocolate & Sweets range!