MeatLess - Meatless Pepperoni, 130g

Meatless - Meatless Pepperoni, 130g
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MeatLess - Meatless Pepperoni, 130g

Brand - MeatLess
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Quick Description

It looks like pepperoni, tastes like pepperoni, and acts like pepperoni, but it’s completely plant-based! Introducing the Meatless Pepperoni from Meatless.

Key Information

  • Meatless, Plant-Based Pepperoni
  • Comes Pre-Sliced and Spiced
  • High Protein Content and Contains Fibre
  • Cholesterol-Free Meat Alternative
  • No Preservatives and Artificial Flavours

Product Overview

Meatless Pepperoni is a fantastic plant-based protein. Use it to replace your regular pepperoni without sacrificing the taste. Meatless Pepperoni comes spiced and ready to eat!

If you want to whip up a quick Meatless Pepperoni sandwich, you totally can. This plant-based pepperoni comes with 11 slices that can be enjoyed straight from the pack!

They’ll crisp up when cooked, just like the real deal! Use them to top pizza or slice them up to finish off pasta dishes. You can even make a unique paella using these slices and skip on the regular chorizo.

Meatless Pepperoni is a cholesterol-free, plant-based alternative. It isn’t made with any artificial preservatives or flavours, either!


Wheat protein, water, rapeseed oil, tomato paste, soy sauce (ingredients: soybeans, water, wheat flour, salt), soy flour, nutritional yeast, potato starch, seasonings (contain mustard seeds), salt.

This product may contain traces of sesame seeds, mustard seeds and celery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Meatless Pepperoni different from regular pepperoni?

Aside from being plant-based, the Meatless Pepperoni is also low in protein and provides a great source of protein. Unlike some deli meats, you can eat Meatless Pepperoni straight from the pack without needing to worry. Cook with it or snack on it, it’s up to you!