The Ultimate Guide To Vegan Chocolate - Health Benefits, Brands and Recipes

The Ultimate Guide To Vegan Chocolate - Health Benefits, Brands and Recipes

Most of the people that live in countries where they have chocolate love chocolate. Though there is some debate as to what proper chocolate is, people love it in whatever variety it is. As vegans, we love our vegan chocolate. The sweet, luscious flavour has an incredibly velvety texture when done right.

Not all vegan chocolate has always been good, however. The products that paved the way to get us to the point we are at today will live on in our memory, but do not compare to the calibre of vegan chocolate we have now. Dairy free chocolate bars have the most amazing texture that we absolutely love.

At PlantX, we have some of the best vegan chocolate on the market. When asking is chocolate dairy, the answer is always no when you shop with us. Here are some of our favourite brands, and products, and some details about them. Your ultimate guide to vegan chocolate.


Vego is often the first vegan chocolate bar that people will try and be impressed with. They have found themselves all over the globe, coming to grocery stores and supermarkets alike. They have an insanely good, chunky chocolate bar that is packed with whole hazelnuts, creating a delicious blend of textures.

vego vegan chocolates

Vego is one of the more established vegan chocolate brands. They are one of the dairy free chocolate bars that are always super consistent, delicious, and a great way to share chocolate with someone who isn’t fully vegan.

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Nut Butter Cups

These peanut butter cups are encased in incredible, vegan dark chocolate. When asking is chocolate dairy, dark chocolate can even sometimes have dairy in it. These dark chocolate peanut butter cups are a vegan version of the American classic, with no relinquishing of flavour.

dark chocolates

One of the best things about vegan chocolate is the diversity of flavours. At PlantX, we know that many of the brands that we carry offer several flavour variations. This means if you’re allergic to peanuts, they have other nut butter options to choose from! That is one of the benefits of vegan chocolate, brands tend to have food intolerances in mind when creating new products.

Dr. Bonner’s Magic Chocolate

This magic vegan chocolate is the only bar you’ll ever need. It melts, grates, mixes, and tastes amazing. It’s an incredibly dairy free chocolate that people love to cook with as it has all of the baking capabilities that other chocolates do. 

Dr. Bonner’s chocolate comes in a variety of fantastic flavours. What’s better, and magical about them, is that they are made with entirely fairtrade, organic ingredients. They are also sweetened with natural sweeteners so your blood sugar won’t spike too hard when consumed. They have so much going for them!

7th Heaven

7th Heaven are one of our favourite vegan chocolate brands. They have a wide range of playful, utterly delicious chocolate flavours that we absolutely love. They have this peanut cream product, but we also love the hazelnut cream. They have crunchy chocolate bars as well, giving an addictively tasty crunch to every bite of chocolate.

You will not believe that the chocolate that you’re tasting from 7th heaven is vegan. This is dairy free chocolate at its finest. Though it might not be the “purest” chocolate product, they are providing fantastic vegan chocolate that the market loves.


One of the benefits of vegan chocolate is that new companies like Chomp are constantly being created. Their fantastic trio of products on our website will satisfy all of your chocolate desires. They have their signature vegan milk chocolate bar that rivals any vegan or non-vegan chocolate. 

best vegan chocolates

We love their vegan white chocolate and cookie bar as it feels like a timeless American classic. This chocolate has an absolutely fantastic, melt-in-your-mouth texture that will be hard to put down.


Unreal are another one of our favourite vegan chocolate brands as they have re-created another childhood classic flavour and made it into a vegan dream. Their dark chocolate peanut gems have this incredible, crunchy texture that coats a lovely, rich chocolate centre. The peanut within the dark chocolate brings everything together so nicely.

This is a fantastic product as you can take it wherever you like. You can take these to the movies so you don’t have to be envious of the non-vegan snacks, or simply have a few at home to feed your kids as a treat. You can do it all with these bites!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best vegan chocolates. These are some of our absolute favourite brands in the world and we are lucky to be able to represent them on our website. Be sure to try as many as you are tempted by to find your favourites!