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Xylotreat - Hot Chilli Sauce, 300g

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Quick Description

Get spicy without the sugar with Xylotreat’s Hot Chilli Sauce! Made with natural sweetener xylitol and a tasty blend of Jabernero and Bird’s Eye Chillies.

Key Information

  • Hot sauce with sweetener
  • Natural sweetener xylitol
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Made with Jabernero and Bird’s Eye Chillies
  • Use as a condiment or for cooking

Product Overview

Avoiding the sweet stuff? Sometimes it seems like sugar is hiding everywhere, even in your hot sauces!

Whether you’re diabetic or just want a healthier option, Xylotreat has created this Hot Chilli Sauce with the natural sweetener, xylitol.

Perfectly balanced, Xylotreat’s Hot Chilli Sauce has no added sugar and no aftertaste often found with other sweeteners. It's just a simple deliciously spicy blend of Jabernero and Bird’s Eye Chillies!

Splash on your vegan burgers, use as a dip for chips or add some to vegan chilli or salsa for a spicy, low-sugar kick.


Water, Cider Vinegar, Xylitol, Tomato paste, Jabernero Chillies, Birds Eye Chillies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is xylitol?

Many sweeteners are artificial, but xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol found in many fruits and vegetables. In fact, it is often extracted from corn on the cob! It has a low glycemic index and contains fewer calories than sugar, making it suitable for diabetics and those looking to lower their calorie intake.

That's why Xylotreat utilises xylitol in its Hot Chilli Sauce - scrap those artificial spin-offs and switch to something more natural!

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Xylotreat - Hot Chilli Sauce, 300g
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