Wessex Mill - Self Raising White Flour, 1.5kg Pack of 5

Wessex Mill - Self Raising White Flour, 1.5kg Pack of 5

Brand - Wessex Mill
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Quick Description

Wessex Mill's Self Raising White Flour, 1.5kg (Pack of 5), ensures premium baking quality, perfect for versatile and delicious home-baked goods.

Key Information

  • Specifically Formulated For Baking
  • Made From High Quality Wheat
  • Versatile Flour
  • Easy To Use
  • Self-Raising

Product Overview

Wessex Mill's Self Raising White Flour, available in a convenient pack of 5 weighing 1.5kg each, is a versatile and essential ingredient for baking enthusiasts. Milled by Wessex Mill, a renowned flour producer, this product is crafted with precision to meet high-quality standards. The self-raising aspect eliminates the need for additional leavening agents, making it ideal for a variety of baked goods.
This flour is made from premium wheat, carefully selected and ground to achieve a fine texture that ensures consistent and reliable results in your baking endeavors. The pack of 5 offers convenience for regular bakers or those who prefer to stock up on this kitchen staple.
Wessex Mill is known for its commitment to traditional milling techniques, and their self-raising white flour is a testament to their dedication to producing top-notch baking ingredients. Whether you're making cakes, biscuits, or other baked treats, Wessex Mill's Self Raising White Flour is a reliable choice for achieving light and fluffy results in every batch. It caters to both professional bakers and home cooks, making it a popular choice in the world of baking.


WHEAT Flour 96%, FlourRaising Agents - Sodium AcidPyrophosphate and SodiumBicarbonate, Calcium, Niacin, Iron, Thiamin