Wessex Mill - Mixed Grain Bread Flour, 1.5kg Pack of 5

Wessex Mill - Mixed Grain Bread Flour, 1.5kg Pack of 5

Brand - Wessex Mill
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Quick Description

Wessex Mill's Mixed Grain Bread Flour (1.5kg, Pack of 5) crafts wholesome loaves with a blend of grains. Perfect for your baking adventures!

Key Information

  • Mixed grains typically contain a mix of vitamins, minerals, and fibres
  • Specifically formulated for making bread
  • Wessex Mill is known for producing high-quality flours
  • Purchasing in a pack of 5 can be cost-effective

Product Overview

Wessex Mill's Mixed Grain Bread Flour, available in a convenient 1.5kg pack of 5, is a versatile and high-quality option for baking enthusiasts. Crafted with a blend of premium grains, this flour adds depth and nutrition to your homemade bread. The carefully selected mix includes wheat, rye, and barley, providing a rich and hearty flavour profile. Not only does it contribute to a delightful taste, but the diverse grains also enhance the nutritional value of your baked goods.

The 1.5kg packaging ensures you have an ample supply for multiple batches, making it a practical choice for regular bakers. Wessex Mill's commitment to quality shines through in this product, offering you the opportunity to create wholesome, flavourful, and nutritious mixed-grain bread for yourself and your loved ones. Elevate your baking experience with the excellence embodied in Wessex Mill's Mixed Grain Bread Flour.


Wheat flour, malted wheat flakes 5%, rye flakes 5%, poppy seed 3%, wheat bran, barley malt flour, calcium carbonate, niacin, iron, thiamine.

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