Wessex Mill - French Bread Flour, 1.5kg Pack of 5

Wessex Mill - French Bread Flour, 1.5kg Pack of 5

Brand - Wessex Mill
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Quick Description

Wessex Mill's French Bread Flour, 1.5kg | Pack of 5, ideal for artisanal baking, ensures a perfect crust and crumb. High-quality choice for your delicious vegan bread creations!

Key Information

  • Specifically formulated for making French bread
  • Known for its high-quality flour suitable for baking authentic French-style bread
  • Ideal for home bakers who want to achieve a traditional French bread texture and taste
  • Available in a large Pack of 5

Product Overview

Wessex Mill's French Bread Flour is a stellar choice for your baking endeavours, especially if you're aiming for that authentic French bread experience. This 1.5kg pack, conveniently available in a set of 5, ensures you have a steady supply for your culinary adventures. Milled with precision, this flour is crafted from high-quality wheat, promising a superior texture and flavour in your bread creations.

What sets Wessex Mill apart is its commitment to quality and its vegan-friendly nature. Free from animal products, this French Bread Flour aligns seamlessly with vegan preferences. The carefully selected wheat and meticulous milling process result in a flour that guarantees excellent rise and a crusty exterior—essential elements for perfect French bread.

Whether you're a seasoned baker or just starting, Wessex Mill's French Bread Flour offers reliability and taste that will elevate your baking game. With this pack of 5, you're not just getting flour; you're investing in the key ingredient for crafting delightful, vegan-friendly French bread that will impress even the most discerning palates. Happy baking!


Wheat flour, malted wheat flour, antioxidant (ascorbic acid), dextrose, anti-caking agent (calcium carbonate), iron, niacin, thiamine.