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Veg 'AN' Love - Mash Topped Vish Pie, 425g

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Quick Description

Enjoy a sumptuous vegan alternative to the classic fish pie with this tasty Mash Topped Vish Pie from Veg ‘AN’ Love, handmade for your pleasure.

Key information

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Handmade
  • Frozen for maximum convenience
  • Made with organic tofu and nori seaweed

Product overview

Life is complicated and can be exhausting. When we’re feeling a little overwhelmed, it can feel like a lifesaver to be able to throw something in the oven without thinking, and in a few minutes have a delicious, hearty and nutritious meal to fill us up and give us strength! 

Introducing: The Mash Topped Vish Pie! This outrageously yummy pie is a great meal to keep in your fridge and freezer till you need to truly let go and treat yourself for the evening. 

Handmade for the highest level of quality, entirely vegan and gluten-free, this is the pie for the people. Veg ‘AN’ Love has used organic tofu and salty nori slices to achieve the perfect level of ‘fishiness’ without harming any living creatures! 

With a creamy 50/50 mash topping of sweet and red skin potatoes, a cascade of creamy leek sauce and the flaky fleshiness of organic tofu, you are on to a real winner. 


Potato (39%) sweet potato (22.6%) soya milk (16.9) (Tofu 8.9%) Water, Soybeans* (35.8%), Firming Agent: Calcium Sulphate, *Produced under Organic Standards, sweetcorn (5.4%) gluten free flour (2.1%) leeks (2.0%) vegan butter (1.7%) vegetable oil (0.5%) parsley (0.5%) seasoning (0.1%) Pepper, seaweed, salt.
Allergens: Soy

Frequently asked questions

Does Veg ‘AN’ Love’s Mash Topped Vish Pie taste fishy?

Nori seaweed strips incorporated into the layers of the pie give a certain fishiness that we look for in a vegan alternative to a fish pie. The flavours used are natural, which provide a fresh fish-like taste as opposed to a synthetic attempt. 

Client Reviews

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Veg 'AN' Love - Mash Topped Vish Pie, 425g
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