Vecon - Natex Original Yeast Extract, 225g

Vecon - Natex Original Yeast Extract, 225g

Brand - Vecon
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Quick Description

Take your toast game to the next level with Vecon’s Natex Original Yeast Extract, a tasty savoury spread that’s full of Vitamin B12 and is gluten-free.

Key Information

  • Tastes great when spread on toast.
  • Pairs well with snacks like vegan cheese and crackers.
  • Full-flavoured and savoury.
  • Can be used to add some umami flavour to dishes.
  • An excellent source of Vitamin B12.

Product Overview

Vecon’s Natex Original Yeast Extract is a smooth, full-bodied, savoury paste that can be spread on toast and on sandwiches. It can also add more flavour and depth to dishes like stews, soups, casseroles, and other savoury recipes. When cooking up some gravy, you can skip on the salt and try adding yeast extract instead.

Vecon Natex Original Yeast Extract is made for vegans and vegetarians. This product is free from animal ingredients. It also has no traces of wheat, soy, and it’s also naturally gluten-free. A serving of this will provide 2.5 grams of dietary fibre and 14.4 grams of carbohydrates.


Yeast Extract, Salt, Vegetable Extract, Niacin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is yeast extract?

You may have already heard of yeast extract. It’s a common sight on supermarket shelves and can be found in almost every household. But what is it exactly? Yeast extracts are made from the same yeast that’s used to make beer or bread, and it’s used as food additives or flavourings.

They have a distinct savoury flavour profile known as umami. Yeast extract is also known to be salty. So, it’s used as a salt alternative when cooking.

Yeast extract also happens to have a very high B vitamin content. This is great news for pregnant women because sometimes they need to take in more vitamin B, and yeast extract is a more affordable source for it.