Teapigs - Pure Lemongrass Biodegradable Tea Temples, 15 Bags

Teapigs - Pure Lemongrass Biodegradable Tea Temples, 15 bags
Teapigs - Pure Lemongrass Biodegradable Tea Temples, 15 bags- back
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Teapigs - Pure Lemongrass Biodegradable Tea Temples, 15 Bags

Brand - Teapigs
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Quick Description

When life gives you lemongrass, it's time for tea! Teapigs’ Pure Lemongrass Biodegradable Tea Temples are biodegradable, additive-free & upliftingly fresh.

Key Information

  • Fragrant lemongrass tea
  • Soft, sweet, and citrussy
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No added sugar or artificial additives
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free

Product Overview

Looking for a little lift? Clear the senses and refresh the mind with Teapigs’ Pure Lemongrass Biodegradable Tea Temples. An all-natural herbal tea that’s tangy, soothing, and unexpectedly sweet.

This sustainably-packaged, biodegradable, and ethically-sourced tea is a citrusy brew with zero flavourings, added sugar, or any other additives. It’s made with the finest pure lemongrass - and absolutely nothing else.

Completely plastic-free and compostable, these tea temples are made of biodegradable corn starch to minimise their environmental impact. Just pop them in your food waste bin to be industrially composted. Eco-conscious consumers rejoice, they’re good for you and the planet, too!


Pure Lemongrass.
Allergens: Made in a factory that handles nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the packaging made from? Is it all biodegradable?

Teapigs’ packaging is as green as can be - without being non-existent! The teabags are made from corn starch, whilst the tag on the end of the string is simply paper. The outer carton is made from FSC certified cardboard and the ink used is vegetable-based. Finally, the clear inner bag is made from an innovative material called Natureflex. Renewable wood pulp is converted into airtight packaging, meaning it is entirely biodegradable and compostable, too!

The teabags and inner bag can both be composted in industrial settings, so pop in your council food waste collection box. The inner bag can also be added to your home composting.