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Teapigs - Cleanse Detox Biodegradable Tea Temples, 15 Bags

Teapigs - Cleanse Detox Biodegradable Tea Temples, 15 Bags

Brand - Teapigs
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Quick Description

Give yourself some Tea-LC with Teapigs Cleanse Detox Biodegradable Tea Temples. Ditch the spa and grab some of these. All-natural, plastic-free & totally tasty!

Key Information

  • Whole leaf green tea with detoxifying dandelion
  • Full of antioxidants
  • Delicious hot or served over ice
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Gluten-free and natural
  • Organic and non-GMO

Product Overview

If you’re looking for a little extra Tea-LC, then the Teapigs Cleanse Detox are exactly what you need. With detoxifying dandelion leaves, coconut, lemongrass, and ginger zing, it’s a fantastically rejuvenating blend.

This delicious tea infusion is delicately sweet, gently caffeinated, and oh-so-refreshing.

With whole leaves and carefully selected herbs and spices, this offering from Teapigs is delicious served hot or cold. When you’re feeling tired, sluggish, bloated or need a little detoxing, it’s the perfect brew for you.

This completely natural and preservative-free herbal tea is ingeniously enclosed in fully biodegradable packaging. Corn starch, wood pulp, and FSC certified recycled cardboard make this a wonderfully environmentally aware choice.


Lemongrass, Ginger, Green Tea, Liquorice Root, Coconut Pieces, Dandelion Leaves, Lemon Peel, Natural Flavourings, Marigold Flower Petals.
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Coconut). Made in a factory that handles nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Teapigs Cleanse Detox Biodegradable Tea Temples include “natural flavourings”. What does this mean?

The word “flavourings” so often indicates unpleasant, artificial chemicals used to create certain tastes within products.

There’s nothing to worry about here, however. There’s nothing nasty in these terrific teas!

The natural flavourings found in certain Teapigs teas come from things like natural oils and extracts. These help to round out the flavour and keep the taste of your cup of tea just as it should be. Teapigs only select the finest quality, totally natural ingredients.

Client Reviews

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Teapigs - Cleanse Detox Biodegradable Tea Temples, 15 Bags
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