Superfoodies - Organic Mushroom Focus Coffee, 10 Bags

Superfoodies - Organic Mushroom Focus Coffee, 10 bags
Superfoodies - Organic Mushroom Focus Coffee, 10 bags - back
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Superfoodies - Organic Mushroom Focus Coffee, 10 Bags

Brand - Superfoodies
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Quick Description

Introducing Superfoodies Organic Mushroom Focus Coffee! A new way to enjoy your coffee that has carefully selected healthy mushroom extracts.

Key Information

  • Suitable for raw food diets
  • Organic & gluten-free
  • Contains 95% Arabica coffee and 5% mushroom extract
  • Packed in biodegradable coffee bags
  • Sealed in air-tight bags to guarantee freshness
  • Enriched with 200mg Chaga and 300mg Lion’s Mane mushroom extracts

Product Overview

Did you know that mushrooms are quite the superfood? Superfoodies Organic Mushroom Focus Coffee contains 5% of carefully selected mushroom extract from Chaga and Lion’s Mane mushrooms.

This mushroom extract is mixed with Arabica coffee that is grown in the Colombian Andes mountains. This coffee comes from a region where the ground is enriched with volcanic deposits. This results in high-quality soil and high-quality coffee.

Superfoodies Organic Mushroom Focus Coffee is 100% organically tested and free from toxins and mould. It has a full-bodied flavour with notes of citrus fruits, herbs and red fruit.

Superfoodies Organic Mushroom Focus Coffee offers you an enjoyment of fresh filter coffee, with the benefit of a biodegradable coffee bag.

Instructions for Use

Place one coffee bag in a cup of hot water. Let in brew for three to five minutes, depending how strong you like it. Stir a few times while brewing.


Colombian Castillo and Caturra ground coffee 9500mg*, Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) mushroom powder 300mg*, Chaga mushroom extract 200 mg*.
*Indicates Organic Source.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Chaga and Lion’s Mane mushrooms?

These two mushrooms are functional mushrooms. Function mushrooms are different from the culinary mushrooms we use as food. Functional mushrooms can be edible too, but they are also known to provide many medicinal health benefits. Lion’s Mane has the potential to support cognitive functions, for example.

Chaga mushroom is known to have one of the highest levels of antioxidants available in foods. Having functional mushrooms in your daily diet is a great way to support your wellness.