Sunita - Organic Lime Juice, 250ml

Sunita - Organic Lime Juice, 250ml

Brand - Sunita
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Quick Description

Sunita’s Organic Lime Juice is made from 100% freshly squeezed, organically grown Brazilian and Mexican limes. It’s zesty, tasty and sweet!

Key Information

  • Made from fresh organic limes
  • Great for foods, drinks and sauces
  • 100% natural
  • Preservative free
  • Zesty and sweet flavour
  • Glass bottle for easy recycling

Product Overview

Want to take your meals and drinks to another level? Introducing Sunita’s Organic Lime Juice. It’s made with 100% freshly squeezed organic limes that are grown in Mexico and Brazil!

Made without preservatives, added sugars or colourants, this Organic Lime Juice from Sunita is nothing but pure lime juice.

This Organic Lime Juice from Sunita is zesty, sweet and tasty. Add lime juice to bring bright and fresh flavour. Use it for drinks, baking recipes, sauces, salad dressings and so much more! Keep refrigerated after opening.


100% Organic Lime Juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy bottled lime juice?

Have you ever bought limes and only used a part of it? And the rest of the lime was either useless or forgotten in the fridge until it turned too hard to use? Buying Sunita’s Organic Lime Juice can save you time and reduce waste! That’s why bottled lime juice is great for using it exactly for the needed amount. This Organic Lime Juice from Sunita is also packed in a glass bottle, which makes it easy to recycle. Make sure to store it in the fridge to make it last even longer.