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Suma Wholefoods - Xanthan Gum, 100g

Brand - Suma Wholefoods
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Quick Description

The ideal grocery for the keen gluten-free baker, Xantham Gum gives stretch and stickiness in baking otherwise found from gluten. A must-have for the pantry!

Key information

  • Gives elasticity and structure to gluten-free baking mixtures
  • Gluten-free
  • Organic
  • Can be used to thicken sauces 
  • Free from artificial colours and preservatives
  • Comes in recyclable packaging

Product overview

We know it sounds like a character from Star Trek, but Xanthan Gum is actually an incredibly useful baking ingredient, particularly for those who wish to make gluten-free goodies.

Made from a special kind of bacteria combined with fermented sugars, Xantham Gum is the grocery that provides gluten-free baking with stretch, structure and stickiness. 

Coming in powder form, this magical baking ingredient copies the effect of gluten and ensures that your gluten-free baking adventures don’t just crumble into a heap when they come out of the oven. Think of Xanthan Gum as the binding agent that keeps everything together. 

Also used for thickening and improving the overall texture of sauces, this Xanthan Gum from Suma Wholefoods is a brilliant ingredient to keep in your kitchen for regular use. 

Organic and free from artificial colours and preservatives, Suma Wholefoods can be trusted when it comes to quality.


Xanthan Gum

Frequently asked questions

Can you taste Xanthan Gum?

Xanthan Gum is odourless and the flavour is pretty much undetectable when it’s been cooked into food. It purely functions as a texture enhancer for your baking or sauces.