Suma Wholefoods - Wheatgerm, 500g Multiple Options

Suma Wholefoods - Wheatgerm - Guaranteed 30 days Life minimum, 500g
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Suma Wholefoods - Wheatgerm, 500g Multiple Options

Brand - Suma Wholefoods
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Quick Description

An excellent addition to your pantry, Suma Wholefoods’ Wheat Germ is fibrous, protein-rich and great for using alongside flour in your baking experiments.

Key information

  • Versatile for all kinds of baking
  • Good source of phosphorous, zinc, magnesium and folate
  • High in fibre
  • Protein-rich
  • Vegan and organic

Product overview

Wheatgerm is all the craze these days and it’s no wonder why! Organically grown and completely vegan, Suma Wholefoods Wheatgerm is rich in fibre, protein, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium, and folate, all essential nutrients for your body.

Depending on what you’re cooking, you can generally replace up to ½ cup flour with Suma Wholefoods Wheatgerm in your baking recipes. Wheat Germ adds a soft nuttiness and robust nature to your baked goods. Your baking is going to get a lot more interesting!

Use Suma Wholefoods’ Wheat Germ for sprinkling on cereal, using 50/50 with regular flour for bread, pizzas, muffins, and brownies, breading courgettes for fritters, bulking out vegan meatballs, and whatever else your heart desires.


Wheat Germ
Allergens: Wheat

Frequently asked questions

What actually is wheatgerm?

Wheatgerm is the part of wheat that helps the plant to reproduce and make new wheat. It is a little part of the kernel of wheat and is usually removed in mass-produced flour manufacturing, despite its amazing nutritional benefits.