Suma Wholefoods - Cinnamon Sticks, 20g Multiple Option

Suma Wholefoods - Cinnamon Sticks, 20g
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Suma Wholefoods - Cinnamon Sticks, 20g Multiple Option

Brand - Suma Wholefoods
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Quick Description

Suma Wholefoods sources the most delicious and sustainable Cinnamon Sticks to bring flavour to your favourite meals and drinks!

Key Information

  • Sustainably sourced cinnamon sticks
  • Adds unique flavour to meals and drinks
  • Easy to use in cooking
  • Recyclable box and compostable inner bag

Product Overview

These Cinnamon Sticks from Suma Wholefoods will bring delicious aroma and garnish to your meals and beverages.

Use these Cinnamon Sticks from Suma Wholefoods to bring some flavour to your favourite recipes. You can add them into curries and stews and the flavour will absorb while cooking.

You can also use the Cinnamon Sticks in your favourite drinks or cocktails to add a unique aroma - why not use them as a stirring spoon or a garnish?

Suma Wholefoods truly cares for the environment. These Cinnamon Sticks are sustainably sourced and are packaged in eco-friendly packaging. The cardboard box is recyclable and the inner bag is compostable!


Cinnamon Sticks.
Allergens: May contain traces of nuts, celery, mustard and sesame

Frequently Asked Questions

How are cinnamon sticks and cinnamon powder different?

Both come from a cinnamon tree. Cinnamon sticks are dried strips of bark from the cinnamon tree. Cinnamon powder is ground from the bark. Cinnamon powder is great for seasoning, while cinnamon sticks are great to use for decoctions like apple juice or cider, mulled wine or herbal chai. Cinnamon sticks also make a gorgeous garnish for drinks.