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Suma Wholefoods - Black Pepper Corns, 30g

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A definitive staple in everyone’s kitchen, where would we be without salt and pepper? Try these Black Pepper Corns from Suma Wholefoods, you won’t turn back!

Key information

  • Great for grinding and seasoning all savoury food with
  • Helps the body absorb the nutrients of turmeric
  • Adds an earthiness and gentle spice to food
  • Organic
  • Responsibly sourced

Product overview

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a household that doesn’t have black pepper on its spices and seasoning shelf. Freshly ground on top of vegan spaghetti bolognese, avocado on toast, scrambled tofu, or as a nutrient booster in your turmeric juice shot: Black Pepper enhances pretty much any food!

Get your Black Pepper Corns from Suma Wholefoods and you’ll know they’ve been responsibly sourced from certified organic farms. You’ll be supporting non-GMO farmers as well as Suma: an ethically run worker’s cooperative.

Slightly spicy, nutty, with that unmistakable pepperiness, you’ll be getting the best of this seasoning essential if you go with Suma Wholefoods Black Pepper Corns!


Black peppercorns
Allergens: May contain sesame. 

Frequently asked questions

Why is black pepper so commonly used?

Along with its bedfellow salt, black pepper is the most commonly used seasoning spice ingredient in the Western world. Salt helps to bring out the flavours of the food, and black peppercorns bring an extra dimension of spice and earthiness.

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Suma Wholefoods - Black Pepper Corns, 30g
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