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Suma - Jumbo Kitchen Towel, 1 Roll

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Suma - Jumbo Kitchen Towel, 1 Roll

Brand - Suma
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Quick Description

For everyday spills and messes, clean up using Suma’s Jumbo-Sized Kitchen Towels. They’re absorbent towels made with completely recycled fibres!

Key Information

  • Super absorbent kitchen towel
  • One jumbo-sized roll
  • No bleach or perfume
  • 100% recycled fibre

Product Overview

Sometimes, spills just happen! Even the most experienced home cooks make clumsy mistakes. When that happens, you’ll want to clean those spills up immediately and with Suma’s Jumbo Kitchen Towel. Made with 100% recycled fibres, they’re still as effective in absorption as any other kitchen towel out there!

Being called Kitchen Towel, does it just belong in the kitchen? Of course not. Suma’s Jumbo Kitchen Towel is super absorbent and can be used to clean messes of all kinds. It works just as well when cleaning junior’s doodles off the wall, pet drool off the floor, or even bird droppings on the deck!


Recycled paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Suma’s Jumbo Kitchen Towel different from the rest?

This Kitchen Towel is made using chlorine-free processing. It does not contain bleach or perfume. Even the packaging has been thought out - it is 100% compostable!

Client Reviews

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Suma - Jumbo Kitchen Towel, 1 Roll
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