Suma - EcoLeaf Toilet Tissue Multiple Sizes

Suma - EcoLeaf Toilet Tissue Multiple Sizes

Brand - Suma
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Quick Description

Made of 100% recycled fibres sourced exclusively from the UK, this EcoLeaf Toilet Tissue from Suma is the eco-friendly toilet roll you need in your bathroom!

Key Information

  • 100% recycled fibres 
  • Made from UK sourced consumer and trade waste 
  • Compostable wrap
  • Free from dioxins, organochlorines, bleach
  • No additional dyes, inks or chemical residues

Product Overview

For the best in eco-friendly toilet tissue, look no further than EcoLeaf from Suma for your next roll. 

Made of 100% recycled fibres, EcoLeaf Toilet Tissue uses a mix of consumer and trade waste materials sourced exclusively from the UK. No new trees are cut down or materials flown in to make these loo rolls! 

Produced using chlorine-free processing, EcoLeaf is free from dioxins, organochlorines, bleach and contains no additional inks, dyes or chemical residues.

And you don’t need to worry about the packaging - the 100% home compostable wrap is made from Biopast, a sustainable, non-toxic and non-polluting wrap made from potato starch! 

240 sheets of 2 ply tissue per roll. 


100% recycled paper

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Suma do to reduce its environmental impact?

In addition to making EcoLeaf out of 100% consumer and trade waste, Suma has been working with Treesponsibility since 2005 to plant over 6,500 trees annually to help offset its emissions.