St Dalfour - Semi Dried Pitted Giant Prunes, 200g

St Dalfour - Semi Dried Pitted Giant Prunes, 200g

Brand - St Dalfour
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Quick Description

St Dalfour’s Semi Dried Pitted Giant Prunes are deliciously succulent French Agen Prunes that contain vitamin A, fibre and reported anti-inflammatory effects. 

Key Information

  • Great source of vitamin A, potassium, and copper
  • Linked to improved digestion & anti-inflammation 
  • Help you feel full for longer
  • Low in fat and cholesterol
  • No preservatives

Product Overview 

St Dalfour’s Semi Dried Pitted Giant Prunes are giant French Agen prunes that have been pitted and vacuum packed for long-lasting freshness without the need for preservatives. 

Prunes are proven to be an exceptional digestive aid, as they contain soluble and insoluble fibre as well as sorbitol. 

While soluble fibre is said to help you to feel fuller for longer by mixing with water in the stomach, insoluble fibre is reported to help you to pass softer stools. Sorbitol is an unfermented sugar that can help the body produce microorganisms that are needed for optimum digestion. 

As if that wasn’t enough, these nutritional powerhouses are a good source of vitamin A, copper, and potassium and have anti-inflammatory properties which are said to aid symptoms of arthritis. 


French Agen Prunes

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you supposed to soak prunes?

You don’t have to soak prunes, they’ll still be perfect for making juice or baking whether or not you soak them first. If they do start to feel a little dry, then there is no harm in soaking them in hot water. If you are going to cook your prunes, then soaking them first will reduce the amount of time they take to cook.