Sodasan - Dishwasher Tablets, 625g

Sodasan - Dishwasher Tablets, 625g
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Sodasan - Dishwasher Tablets, 625g

Brand - Sodasan
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Quick Description

Get your dishes looking spic and span with Sodasan! Sodasan’s Dishwasher Tablets remove grease, gunk, and junk from your dishes, making them look brand new!

Key Information

  • Unscented dishwasher tablets
  • Effecetively cleans dishes
  • Compatible with most conventional dishwashers
  • Made with biodegradable, plant-based ingredients
  • Certified by Eco Guarantee

Product Overview

Washing dishes need not be a chore when you’ve got Sodasan’s Dishwasher Tablets! All you have to do is remove the outer film of the dishwasher tabs and let them do the work. 

Don’t let the film worry you - it’s fully biodegradable! Sodasan’s Dishwasher Tablets are certified according to the ECOCERT detergent guidelines and are made with 100% plant-based ingredients - which means they’re vegan!

Sodasan’s Dishwasher Tablets are fragrance-free and suitable for most household dishwashers. They clean your dishes effectively with safe bleaching agents. You won’t find chlorine-releasing substances here.

With Sodasan’s Dishwasher Tablets, there are no more yucky dish stains!


Composition: >30% citrate, 15-30% silicate, soda ash, 5-15% sodium percarbonate, polyaspartate, <5% sugar surfactant. Ingredients INCI: Citrate, Silicate, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate, Polyaspartate Alkylpolyglucoside

Frequently Asked Questions 

I’ve got dishes with more difficult stains. Can I double the dose of Sodasan’s Dishwasher Tablets?

For very dirty dishes with tougher stains, you can definitely use two dishwasher tablets instead of one. For normal washing, one of Sodasan’s Dishwasher Tablets will be do the job. If you want to use your dishwasher in a more more environmentally friendly way, you can opt to use it when it’s completely full instead of using it on light loads.