Sodasan - Dishwasher Salt, 2kg

Sodasan - Dishwasher Salt, 2kg
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Sodasan - Dishwasher Salt, 2kg

Brand - Sodasan
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Quick Description

Sodasan’s Dishwasher Salt is the perfect crockery cleaning product for all of us eco-warriors! It’s carbon-neutral and made from pure Sodium Chloride.

Key Information

  • Suitable for all standard dishwashers
  • Protects your machine against limescale
  • Produced using power from Greenpeace verified energy
  • Carbon-Neutral
  • Cruelty-free and PETA Certified

Product Overview

Sodasan’s Dishwasher Salt is the perfect eco-friendly, all-natural product. Made from pure evaporated salt, it’s completely free from all unnecessary additives, like anti-caking agents, that are so often snuck into dishwasher salts.

Designed to keep your crockery clean and to protect your dishwasher against limescale, all you have to do is put this beautiful salt into the reservoir of your dishwasher and you are ready to go.

Sodasan is also an extremely environmentally motivated company. Not only is this Dishwasher Salt made using 100% renewable energy and is carbon-neutral, but it also never tests products on animals and is registered with PETA.


Sodium Chloride.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is green energy produced by Greenpeace?

Greenpeace Energy is generated using renewable resources, like solar and wind energy, as opposed to the environmentally damaging fossil fuels that energy companies typically use. Sodasan sources Greenpeace Energy to ensure it uses clean and reliable energy sources.