Salus - Floradix Calcium Liquid Formula, 250ml

Salus - Floradix Calcium Liquid Formula, 250ml

Brand - Salus
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Quick Description

Salus Floradix Calcium Liquid Formula, 250ml: A bioavailable blend of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D for strong bones and overall well-being.

Key Information

  • Source Of Calcium
  • Liquid Form
  • No Artificial Additives

Product Overview

Salus Floradix Calcium Liquid Formula is a dietary supplement designed to support healthy calcium levels in the body. The 250ml bottle contains a liquid formulation that combines calcium with other essential nutrients like magnesium, vitamin D, and herbal extracts. This blend is aimed at promoting optimal calcium absorption and utilisation within the body.

The liquid form is particularly advantageous as it is easily absorbed, making it a convenient option for individuals who may have difficulty swallowing pills or tablets. The inclusion of vitamin D is noteworthy, as it plays a crucial role in calcium metabolism and bone health.

Salus, a well-known brand for liquid supplements, emphasises the bioavailability of its products, ensuring that the nutrients are easily assimilated by the body. This calcium formula is often chosen by those seeking to support bone health, particularly women, seniors, and individuals with dietary restrictions. As with any supplement, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating it into your routine.


Aqueous Herbal Extract (54 %) from: Carrot Root (Daucus Carota), Roselle Flower (Hibiscus Sabdariffa), Spinach Leaf (Spinacia Oleracea), Rosehip Peel (Rosa Canina), Mixture of Fruit Juice Concentrates (34 %) of: Pear, Orange, Water, Mango, Carob Extract, Lemon, Apple, Calcium Gluconate, Calcium Lactate, Thickener: Locust Bean Gum, Natural Flavours