Rude Health - Organic Oat Barista Drink, 1L Multiple Option

Rude Health - Organic Oat Barista Drink, 1L
Rude Health - Organic Oat Barista Drink, 1L - back
Rude Health - Organic Oat Barista Drink 6-Pack, 1L
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Rude Health - Organic Oat Barista Drink, 1L Multiple Option

Brand - Rude Health
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Quick Description

Is Rude Health’s Oat Barista Drink organic, soy-free, dairy-free, creamy, frothable, and made with non-GMO ingredients? You bet your oats it is!

Key Information

  • Milk alternative made to blend with coffee
  • Organic and dairy-free oat drink
  • Naturally frothable
  • Crafted with just 4 simple ingredients
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients

Product Overview

Plant-based milks usually go well with coffee, but it takes a truly unique drink to make good coffee. Rude Health’s Organic Oat Barista Drink is just that - it’s made for coffee blends.

Rude Health’s Oat Barista Drink can take the heat. It can even handle steaming and most especially frothing. If you’re not into steaming, heating, or frothing, no worries! A simple splash or pour of this milk alternative will taste great with your brew.

What makes this plant-based milk naturally froth? Surprisingly, by using seaweed! By adding a bit of seaweed, the acidity of this oat milk is toned down which allows the oats and coffee to blend well.

Of course, this milk alternative is delicious. Being healthy doesn’t mean it’s bland. It is made with simple ingredients but is big in taste. It has to be if it’s going toe to toe with coffee!


Spring water, organic oats (14%), organic sunflower oil, seaweed, sea salt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I heat this Organic Oat Barista Drink made by Rude Health?

Rude Health made a barista version of their Oat Drink for this main purpose. You can heat, steam, and froth this milk alternative and it should be no trouble at all. This drink is great if you’re into making different types of coffee concoctions.